New Senior Associate Minister Joins the Team

The Whitewater elders unanimously approved the hiring of Jon Tisevich as the Senior Associate Minister and a potential successor to David Vaughan.

Jon is an authentic and transparent Jesus follower who loves ALL people in a radical way. He is passionate & experienced storyteller helping people find where their story intersects with God's. He is married to Kelly and has two children, Noah and Isabell.

  • Jon is a strong fit for Whitewater culture and chemistry.
  • Jon has great passion for and experience in areas that are core to achieving our mission and vision. His love for the lost has taken him into messy situations, while not compromising his integrity.
  • Jon comes from a Christian Church background and is very aligned with our theological principles. Jon served as a campus pastor at a sister megachurch in the Canton, Ohio area (Rivertree Christian Church)
  • Jon has a past. He shared his past while preaching here. His brokenness has humbled him and made him totally dependent on God.
  • Jon has not followed the traditional path during his career. Jon spent several years as a nontraditional missionary to the theatrical community as a director and actor. 

Jon and Family.jpg

Jon with his family at Disney.

Still have questions?

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