Cleves Campus

Sundays at 9am and 11am: NO Registration needed!

You can expect a welcoming, hopeful, and “don’t take yourself too seriously” kind of atmosphere. It’s the right amount of creativity, quirkiness and passion!

Find Help Whoever You Are, No Matter What

When we say that hope is for everyone, we aren’t kidding. And we’re here to help, if you need it. Check out the links below, hit us up on the DMs, or come by in person.

Welcome! What should you expect?

You will experience engaging worship, authentic messages and hearts that are all about Jesus and Hope. Plus, free coffee never hurts anybody. :) Most people watch a few services before attending in person. We are located at: 5771 SR-128, Cleves OH, 45002

3D Campus Tour

Take a virtual tour of the campus. Trust us - it's even better in person with lots of welcoming people in it!

Worship during COVID-19

No more registration is required for on-campus services. 

We know. Rules & regulations aren’t always fun. Now we know how our kids feel :) Thanks for your cooperation in helping us do this in a safe way for all. Here are some basic safety precautions that will be used.

If you are not comfortable attending or the guidelines feel overwhelming, you may still watch online.

To distance or not to distance. We have socially distanced seating available towards the front of the auditorium, and standard seating towards the back of the auditorium. This will allow the maximum number of people to experience hope on our campus while continuing to be as safe as possible.

If possible, we ask you to take your temperatures before leaving your home. If someone has a temperature of 100.4 or more, or is experiencing any symptoms, we expect them not to enter the building. Staff and volunteers will be required to take their temperature upon arrival.

Based on new CDC guidelines, those who have been fully vaccinated will no longer be required to wear masks while attending Sunday services or events. Please let us know if you need a mask.

Refreshments will be available before, during, and after services (coffee, water, juice boxes, etc.). 

Paper bulletins will not be handed out - yay for saving money and trees! Pre-packaged communion will be served by the Guest Services Team as people walk into the Worship Center.

Social distancing is a total bummer, but it’s important! While meeting, it is expected that attendees, volunteers, and staff keep around 6 feet distance and refrain from physical contact with people outside of their household. This means no handshakes, hugs, high-fives, shared food, etc.

We expect everyone to use a hand sanitizing station when entering and exiting the building. Surfaces and bathrooms will be cleaned before service.

Harbortown KIDS’ is open but each room has capacity limits for child and volunteer safety. If your child is not able to be checked in, you may sit with them in the Worship Center or in the Low-Sensory Room (across from the Harbortown Check-In Area).

Whitewater Youth has separate times for Middle School and High School. Middle School (grades 6-8) meets Sunday mornings at 11am in the Student Union. High School (grades 9-12) meets at 6pm in the Student Union.

The Parent Room will be made available for nursing mothers only.

Volunteers will be asked to check in at their designated ministry area to sign in, get a mask if needed, and have their temperature checked.

Find your people. Connect

Meet some people and take a step in this one-hour session online or on campus!