Youth (6th-12th Grades)

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Welcome to YTH!

Through Worship Experiences, One Life, Doulos, and Relationship we help students find Hope and a Home in Jesus!

Middle School | Sunday 10:45AM - 12:00PM | The Union

High School | Sunday 6:00PM - 8:00PM | The Union

What is One Life? For us, it is the belief that the best evangelism is done one-on-one. Every Christ follower should have a non-believing friend, family member, or co-worker.. We strive to be intentional about walking with them in their daily life. By simply hanging out with, praying for, inviting them to dinner, to church, to family parties etc. It's our hope that our relationship with them will lead them along the path of getting to know Jesus themselves! 

Doulos is a Greek word meaning slave or bondservant. A Doulos is someone that is fully devoted to another to the disregard of one’s own interests. At Whitewater YTH this word is used to refer to a group of students completely submitted to the work of Christ at The UNION. Doulos is for students ready to take their next step in leadership and serve the ministry at a greater capacity.

Find a group of friends you can hang out with, while also learning about Jesus! When you join a YTH Group at Whitewater, you are invited to be exactly who God has made you to be. 

Want to be part of a Group? Want to be a Group Leader?
Email: Kaitlin Swartzentruber


What is Tribes? Tribes is a hilarious, fun, wild, awesome 6 weeks of: friends, dance parties, games, and community for students in Middle School and High School. Every Sunday Night at 6pm starting on June 5th, students will be placed into a "Tribe" (Like the Tribes of Israel...get it?) where they will compete for points in a variety of ridiculous (but safe) games! And it will all culminate into a massive Paint War happening on July 24th. Interested in being in a Tribe? Sign up below and Bring your Friends!! 


The great thing about serving at YTH, is that we all pretty much just love to hang out and get to know more about each other and Jesus! When you serve with us, you're not just another volunteer, you're impacting the future generation! 

Check out all the different ways you can help our Youth grow in Christ:

If you would like to Serve our Youth, click here: 

The YTH Worship band is dedicated to leading their fellow students in praising God through song!

Need a snack? Give your friends something to drink and eat while we hang out!

Help new and returning friends get checked in!

Our groups need a confident leader to guide our students through The Bible, Relationships, Faith and Life!

Work with our YTH staff to serve your fellow students and learn all about how to be a great leader!

You never know who's going to walk through the door, and sometimes all it takes is a smile from you to brighten that person's day! 

Influencers are students who are leading others at their school and bringing the light of Christ into their everyday community. 

Producers have the opportunity to team up with staff members and other volunteers to create graphics, videos, and other creative aspects.

Are you a gamer? Let's game, hang out, talk about Jesus! 

GAME OF THE MONTH Just in case you got bored reading all that stuff (Flip your phone for mobile!)

Upcoming Events

Picnics in the Parking Lot 2022

  • Wednesday, June 8
  • 11 am


  • Monday, June 20
  • 12 am

CIY MIX 2022

  • Monday, July 11
  • 12 am