Welcome to Whitewater Crossing!

What should you expect?

At Whitewater, we strive to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed and accepted. Our main focus is on Jesus and spreading hope to those who attend our services. We believe that worship is a powerful way to connect with God and we put a lot of effort into creating engaging and meaningful worship experiences. Our musicians and worship leaders pour their hearts into each song, inviting the congregation to join in and truly experience the presence of God.

In addition to powerful worship, we also have authentic messages that are centered on Jesus and his teachings. Our pastors and speakers are passionate about sharing the love and hope that can be found in Christ. We believe that the message of Jesus is one of grace, forgiveness, and redemption, and we strive to make that message known to all who attend our services.

But it's not just about the music and the messages. At our church, we value community and connection. We have a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can meet new people and build lasting relationships. And of course, we always have a fresh pot of coffee brewing, because who doesn't love free coffee? It's just a small way for us to show our appreciation and make everyone feel at home.

We understand that attending a new church can be intimidating, which is why we encourage people to watch a few services online and take our 3D virtual tour before coming in person. This allows you to get a feel for our church and what we're all about. We want everyone to feel comfortable and excited about joining us for worship.

Conveniently located at 5771 SR-128 in Cleves, OH, our church is easily accessible for those in the surrounding areas. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. Whether you're a longtime believer or just starting to explore your faith, we invite you to join us and experience the love, hope, and joy that can be found in Jesus. We can't wait to meet you and welcome you into our church family.

Have Questions?

Let us know how we can help you. Send us any questions you might have, or reach out to schedule a tour before you visit. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Email Us: info@whitewatercrossing.org