What's it like to work at Whitewater? 

20190224_111332.jpg   JOYFUL: We take God seriously but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

 Untitled-1_0005_GetFileThumbnail-2.png    LAST 10%: We say what needs to be said when given the opportunity. 

20190224_111332.jpg   RIGHT MAILBOX: We talk to the right person during conflict.

20190224_111332.jpg   OTHERS FOCUSED: It’s not about you!

20190224_111332.jpg   RESULTS ORIENTED: We fight for the win together.

20190224_111332.jpg   REAL: Sharing the real me with God & others.

Open Positions

Contracted Video Associate

The video associate assists the story video producers and weekend production teams in delivering high quality, compelling video content for in person and online experience through editing, shooting and production assistance - also just be an all-around, awesome video nerd.

Ready for an interrogation to apply?

Facilities Associate - Building Services

The Facilities Associate - Building Services is responsible for the janitorial services for weekends (Friday night thru Sunday night) with emphasis on team building in order to create and maintain a clean, comfortable, and safe environment for guests and volunteers.

Ready to apply?

Email Pat MacDonald, pmacdonald@whitewatercrossing.org.