What's it like to work at Whitewater? 

20190224_111332.jpg   JOYFUL: We take God seriously but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

20190224_111332.jpg   LAST 10%: We put the mail in the right mailbox.

20190224_111332.jpg   OTHERS FOCUSED: It’s not about you!

20190224_111332.jpg   RESULTS ORIENTED: We fight for the win together.

20190224_111332.jpg   REAL: Sharing the real me with God & others.

Open Positions

Student UNION Director

As part of the Whitewater Team, the Student Union Ministry Director will engage in discipleship, evangelism and pastoral care for students 6th-12th grade. This position will work closely with the Family Minister to create a Christ-centered, relational, and caring environment for students and families of Whitewater Crossing Christian Church and our local community.

Ready to apply?

Email Jess Adkins, jadkins@whitewatercrossing.org.