The Disciple-Making Co-Lead will collaborate with a team to train, send, and support everyday people to be intentional disciple-makers. They will train people, Coach leaders, and develop pathways to help individuals discern their personal growth and the growth of a disciple-making movement. This role will require a robust understanding of disciple-making principles and models, proven experience in training, living life on mission, and strong organizational skills. APPLY HERE 

The Production Lead & Team Builder is a role that requires the heart of a disciple-maker who is also skilled, knowledgeable, and gifted with Platform Production. The right candidate will exhibit a strong drive to teach and equip a growing volunteer team to own and operate different aspects of the stages and platforms used for praise and worship music. They should have considerable experience with live sound, video projection, stage lighting, and band instrumentation. The trusted individual in this role will help cultivate a culture of worship that is focused on building up the Next Generation and providing HOPE to a Network of world changers. APPLY HERE

The Stewardship Co-Lead is a Finance Associate who will work closely with the Stewardship System Lead, advising them on different reports, best practices, and relevant accounting and financial data. The Finance Associate will perform various financial and accounting tasks, such as helping to prepare budgets and financial reports, offering advice on fiscal procedures, handling payments and revenue, and managing accounting records. This person must understand the intricacies of finance and accounting and be comfortable working with numbers. APPLY HERE