Here at Whitewater we are all about relationships, and not religion. Relationships with God and people.
We believe that in order to grow in relationship with God, there has to be connection and relationship with His people, the church. Don't worry introverts, we've got you covered.
Now that you have been attending on the weekend for a while, maybe you are looking for your next step. That's great, because we don't want you to sit in a seat too long and miss out! For some it is a conversation about Jesus or baptism. For others, it is calling Whitewater your home church. What is your next step?
MYwhitewater is where members manage their giving, groups, and directory listing. Think of it as a club where everyone is welcome.

Harbortown KIDS’ Team


  • Teresa

    Teresa Benjamin

  • Teresa Benjamin

    Bio info coming soon!
  • Anna

    Anna Ellison

  • Anna Ellison

    Definition of retreat?
    Sleeping in until whenever my heart desires.

    First job?
    Cleaning dorm bathrooms and showers.

    Biggest challenge?
    Trying to constantly balance my schedule.

    Favorite snack?
    Ice cream and donuts!!

    Childhood ambition?
    Become a princess.

    Favorite season?
    Anything but winter!

    What inspires you?
    Seeing kids and teens learn about Jesus and live God-glorifying lives.

  • DSC_0004

    Jereca Fugate

  • Jereca Fugate


    One book that has impacted me?
    Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

    Favorite snack?

    First Job?
    Bright Elementary after school childcare

    Favorite weather season and why?
    FALL! I love being outside during the fall and being able to wear a sweatshirt!

    Most memorable experience?
    A trip to New York City with my best friend the morning after graduating college!

    Childhood ambition?
    I’m living it!

    What inspires me?
    People loving on people

  • Diana

    Dianna Morgan

    Family Ministries
  • Dianna Morgan
    Family Ministries

    Favorite season, and why?
    I love all the seasons, but Winter is my favorite. I love to sled ride and build snowmen with my children and Christmas is my favorite holiday.

    Who lives in your house?
    My husband John, daughter Elizabeth and son Isaiah

    First job?
    I co-oped at Professional Awards during school, then I was hired full time after I graduated.

    One book that has impacted you?
    The Bible

    If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?

    One of your proudest moments?
    Giving birth to both of my children

  • shannan_volters

    Shannan Volters

    Harbortown KIDS Minister
  • Shannan Volters
    Harbortown KIDS Minister

    What’s on your iPod right now?
    Since I’m an Android, it’s what’s on my Spotify, which would be Oh Honey, Walk the Moon, Meaghan Smith, Ingrid Michaelson, Sheppard

    Greatest indulgence?
    Coffee, Tea, and Dark Chocolate

    Definition of a retreat?
    A coffee shop with pen, paper and a book.

    What brought you to Whitewater?
    God provided my job is the short answer.

    What inspires you?
    Stories of creativity

    Your favorite snack?
    Clif Bars, Veggie Straws, and Ice Cream

    If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be?
    Europe: Next stop England and Ireland.

    Childhood ambition?
    To be a Paleontologist

    What’s your favorite T.V. Series?
    Doctor Who

    Your first job?
    Superpet’s Cashier

    Most recent purchase?
    Probably Books.

    When did you 1st come to Whitewater?
    October 2013 FX about Wisdom.

    Your most memorable experience?
    Trip to Germany

    What is your biggest challenge?
    Balancing life.

    What is one thing people don’t know about you?
    I have three black belts – Kung Fu, Karate, and Self-Defense

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