Life Center 5th Anniversary Open House

10:00 am

The Whitewater Life Center is celebrating its 5th anniversary!

Join us for an Open House on Sunday, May 15 from 10am to 1pm. 

As people circulate to various places in the Life Center for a self-guided Vision Tour, we'll have leaders describing how that space is used now and will be in the future.

The day will culminate with a grill out at 1pm and a Hope Launch.

The Hope Launch will be a box equipped with a GoPro and Tracker attached to a large helium weather balloon. It will be tethered to the ground with things that keep people from soaring such as:

  • Disconnect from God
  • Isolation
  • Poverty
  • Food insecurity
  • Unemployment or underemployment
  • Crisis in transportation, finances, or health

Representative of the work the Life Center does in the community, we'll cut the tethers to let the box soar.

We have also invited 10 of our most strategic partners to join us. They will share with our guests how they partner with the Life Center and the services they provide to our community and world.

Because...HOPE is for everyone.