May 24, 2021

Sometimes You Wonder...

Sometimes as a preacher you wonder if your words in the Sunday message make a difference...


Sometimes as a preacher you wonder if your words in the Sunday messages make a difference. Sometimes you sense they are, but it's so cool when that gets confirmed by an email like this from Dawn...

Hi David-

You recently preached on revenge and how we should act. Our 14-year-old daughter (Keira) sits with us in service, and I want to let you know she's listening. She's getting it! She's recently had a girl who has been giving her trouble on the bus - hitting and aggravating her. Now Keira is a second-degree black belt, so I know she could clean the floor with this girl. But she's been politely asking her to stop.

The week after your sermon, the girl was at it again. After hitting Keira on the bus, that same day she came to Keira and didn't have any lunch. Keira gave her half of hers without hesitation. Keira and I talk about her day on the ride home after I pick her up from school. She relayed this story to me, and I asked her why she chose to be nice to the girl. She replied "David and Jesus said to be nice even when it's bad. I'm just trying to live David's sermon, Mama." I WAS BLOWN AWAY!

As a parent, I often wonder if I'm getting through. I'm a messy Christian at best. But David-YOU ARE! She's listening and living it in real-time, even though those around her may not be. It's not easy for a teenager to be a Christian, but she's killing it!

Thank you so much for all you do. I appreciate each message, prayer, and step you take to lead us.

I. Love. This. For so many reasons! May we all follow Keira's example.


The latest COVID updates

As I'm sure you've heard by now, based on the new CDC guidelines, those who have been fully vaccinated will no longer be required to wear masks while attending Sunday services or events at Whitewater (although our volunteers greeting and serving at the door will still wear one for a couple more weeks). We will fully turn the dimmer switch light back on beginning Sunday, June 6. This is a BIG deal!

For answers to other questions, please check here regularly for updates. Note too that no more registration is required for on-campus services.


Wherever you stand

The new CDC guidelines have made many rejoice but also made some anxious. We have three different groups represented in our wonderful church family. We have the fully vaccinated, the almost vaccinated (only had one dose), and the unvaccinated. All are welcome and encouraged to attend in-person or online with us regardless of how you feel about the vaccine or masks. For those of us who are bold in sharing our views about vaccines and masks, I hope you will assume positive intent of the other side and also be just as bold in sharing about the hope of Jesus. If that would be done in America by Christians, our country would experience a revival the likes of which we've not witnessed in a generation!

Like you, in the last year, I have been quick to tell folks what I am against. But we also want to pivot and tell people what we are FOR. Following Jesus means we are for people who act and look differently than us, as well as those who don't like us - remember Jon's message last Sunday!

Some of us may disagree in love, but I am FOR everyone getting a vaccine so everyone in the church can enjoy the benefits of gathering without fear. Like other churches, we are helping Christ-followers get their facts about the vax. Here is a fantastic interview that Ed Stetzer did with Dr. Gregory Poland, Director of Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group, who is also finishing a seminary degree. I know Greg from a wonderful coaching relationship I have enjoyed with his church in Florida. You can trust him. Give it a listen.



Hope to see you this Sunday online or in-person (in spite of the impending cicadas!). I am launching our newest weekend series "I Was Broke" and this one will be a blast!


P.S. We are actively solving seven of the biggest problems in our world and we invite you to join us. Check out the latest Solve 7 newsletter. It is the church truly working right every day, not just on Sunday!