August 16, 2023


**Devotional: Celebrating God's Greatness**

In the chorus of the song "Great Things," we are reminded of the incredible power and love of our God. The lyrics invite us to reflect on the great things that God has done, is doing, and will continue to do in our lives. As we delve into this devotional, let's explore a few key themes from the song that can inspire our faith journey.

**1. Worship and Surrender:**

"Come let us worship our King, come let us bow at His feet..." The song begins by encouraging us to approach God in worship and humility. Worship is more than just singing songs; it's an attitude of the heart that acknowledges God's majesty and our dependence on Him. By bowing at His feet, we acknowledge His authority over our lives.

**2. Overcoming Love:**

"He has done great things, see what our Savior has done..." The lyrics highlight God's overcoming love. Through Jesus, our Savior, God conquered the grave and set us free. His love is a powerful force that breaks chains and releases us from captivity. Reflect on the areas of your life where God's love has brought freedom and transformation.

**3. Faithfulness Through Trials:**

"You've been faithful through every storm, you'll be faithful forevermore..." The song reminds us of God's unwavering faithfulness. We all face storms in life, but God's faithfulness remains constant. He has carried us through past challenges, and we can trust that He will continue to do so in the future. Take a moment to thank God for His faithfulness in your life.

**4. Promises Fulfilled:**

"And I know You will do it again, for Your promise is 'Yes and amen'..." This part of the song emphasizes God's reliability in keeping His promises. Just as He has fulfilled promises in the past, we can have confidence that He will fulfill His promises in the future. Meditate on a promise from Scripture that resonates with you, and trust that God's word is trustworthy and true.

**5. Offering Hallelujah:**

"Hallelujah, You have done great things..." The song encourages us to respond with praise and gratitude. "Hallelujah" means "praise the Lord," and it's a beautiful way to express our thankfulness for God's greatness. In our prayers and worship, let's offer our hallelujahs, recognizing that God is above all, unshakable, and worthy of our praise.

As you go about your day, consider how the lyrics of "Great Things" align with your own faith journey. Allow these words to inspire you to worship, trust, and praise God for His great works in your life. Let your heart be filled with gratitude and awe for the hero of Heaven who has conquered the grave and continues to do great things.

Allen Cruz

Communications Manager