August 24, 2023


Reveling in the Goodness of God

Scripture: Psalm 34:8 (NIV) - "Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him."


In the moments of quiet reflection and worship, we find ourselves immersed in the tender embrace of God's goodness. The lyrics of the song "Goodness of God" beautifully capture the essence of our journey with the Lord, a journey marked by His unfailing mercy and unending love.

His Unfailing Mercy:
"Oh Your mercy never fails me
All my days, I've been held in Your hands"
Each day we wake up to the gift of life, we are reminded of God's unceasing mercy. We've been cradled in His hands, shielded from storms and nurtured through challenges. Just as a loving parent holds their child, God holds us, guiding us through life's highs and lows.

A Life of Faithfulness:
"Cause all my life You have been faithful
And all my life You have been so, so good
With every breath that I am able
Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God"

Reflect on the tapestry of your life. Can you see the threads of God's faithfulness woven through every season? Even in the moments of doubt, His goodness has shone through. Every breath we take is an opportunity to sing of His unwavering faithfulness.

Walking Through Fire:
"I love Your voice
You have led me through the fire
And in darkest night You are close like no other"
Trials and tribulations are an inevitable part of life, but the promise is that God leads us through them. His presence is the light that guides us through the darkest nights. He is our ever-present help, a constant companion through every trial we face.

Laid Down in Surrender:
"With my life laid down, I'm surrendered now
I give You everything
'Cause Your goodness is running after, it keeps running after me"
Surrender is the cornerstone of our relationship with God. When we lay down our lives, our desires, and our plans before Him, we open the way for His goodness to chase after us. It's a humbling act that allows us to experience His blessings in ways beyond our imagination.

As you listen to the lyrics of "Goodness of God," take a moment to reflect on your own journey. Can you identify moments when God's goodness has been evident? Times when His mercy held you up, His faithfulness carried you through, and His presence illuminated your darkest hours? 

In the rhythm of worship and reflection, let your heart swell with gratitude. Let your voice join the chorus of those who sing of His goodness. May this song be a reminder that, indeed, His goodness is always running after you. In every breath you take, in every step you make, His goodness is there, inviting you to taste and see that the Lord is truly good.

Dear Heavenly Father, I am in awe of Your goodness that has been poured out over my life. Thank you for your unfailing mercy, your unending love, and your unwavering faithfulness. In moments of trial, you have been my refuge, and in moments of joy, you have been my source of gratitude. Help me to surrender all that I am before you, that I may experience the fullness of your blessings. Today, I join creation in singing of your goodness, for you are truly a good and loving God. In Jesus' name, amen.

Allen Cruz

Communications Manager