February 03, 2022

Who Dey!

How about them Bengals!

Who Dey nation is going nuts! Another collective shabach occurred last Sunday afternoon as Money Mac kicker, Evan McPherson sent the Bengals into the Super Bowl. Evan's talent is good and his testimony is even better!


Across the goal line of Invited

Don't miss this Sunday in person or online as JT and I get us across the goal line in our Invited series.

I know people are following Joe Burrow and the Bengals right now, but we'd like to know who's more excited about being a player on the Jesus/Whitewater team.


Critical Conversations

JT and I are having some critical conversations these days about all things succession and strategy. Have you seen the latest one yet?


Another winning team

The Bengals are not the only team winning these days. I am so proud of our entire Student Ministry team this week as they led one of the greatest youth ministry experiences I have seen (and I've seen a lot in my days!). The Big Chill was such a win and God showed up in amazing ways.




There were 11 baptisms as part of the four day run, with three more soon to be! So glad JT has made investing in our next generation a priority at Whitewater.


In closing...

See you this weekend. Hunker down as I hear more winter is coming our way!


P.S. We've been encouraging Bible reading these days (especially Luke). Here's a new version of Bible reading that I DON'T recommend!


Get to know our Elders

God is in charge, but we have fantastic leaders in our Elders. Check it out!

This week, get to know Jason Wessel.


Happening at Whitewater in February

Check out this new section listing things taking place in our community!

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Interested in a mission trip? GO Trips

David Vaughan

Senior Minister