January 15, 2021

Who Are You Really?!

Discover your identity as salt & light, because it's very powerful, needed and relevant right now in our country right now.

Your primary identity

We ARE salt and light, and it couldn't be more powerful, needed, and relevant right now in our country. It's our primary identity. That's what Jesus Christ said. Here's a great Bible Study on identity, if you're interested in exploring this more. FYI - Having a Bible Study plan in 2021 is essential to surviving and thriving in this dark world.


Current events, our country, and our church

Like many of you, I am still praying for our country and church to work right. I am also reading and processing current events in light of Biblical truth. Here are just a few articles I've read over the last week that are informing my thinking. There are more. I'm always willing to read any you might send that have been helpful and hopeful for you, too. I'm trying to not just read things in my own little echo chamber of life!

Tony Dungy & Benjamin Watson: A Call to the American Church

Bob Russell Ministries: God Can Bring Beauty From Ashes

Phil Cooke: When The Capitol Building Was Attacked, Here's What I Saw


Wise words

A fellow leader forwarded some wise words by one of his leader friends:

The political and philosophical polarization, aggravated by press and social media platforms catering to each, will continue to foment social unrest and erode civility. These periods are common occurrence in the curvilinear nature of culture in human history. When compounded with prophetic passages like 2 Timothy 3 and 2 Peter 3, these events could evince the "last days" or another cultural valley that precedes an "Awakening" by God's Spirit. In either case, we are ship's crew and not Captains on these cultural waves, responsible primarily for our station and duties rather than course and speed.

In the midst of this upheaval, tension and uneasiness, we will have countless eternal opportunities. This is a time for focus and that focus should be "loving kindness, doing justice (biblical as opposed to social) and walking humbly with our God." Culturally and politically America needs booster shots of civility and E Pluribus Unum . . . which believer's fulfilling Micah's injunction from the previous sentence would contribute greatly to.

In all of this, God remains Sovereign. Our battle is not against fellow citizens with whom we disagree (no matter how strongly). Our battle is in the spiritual realm with weapons that are divinely powerful. We are called to be salt (taste enhancers and preservatives) and light (illuminates; reflectors of the Greater Light). We are called to be compassionate not contentious; faithful not fearful; gracious not gratuitous, loving not loathing; temperate not tempestuous; truthful not timid; wise not witless.

This is powerful, practical, and beautiful. It is my prayer that we trust Jesus more and government less, because everything is better with Jesus! Our future joy and peace will not come from someone we vote into office, but someone we invite into our hearts. And His name is Jesus. As I emphasized last Sunday, other humans (even if they are political leaders) are people greatly loved by Him and therefore must be by us. Someone posted this week...

'Kamala is beloved. Donald is fearfully and wonderfully made. Mike is cherished. Joe is important enough that I died for him.' Jesus Christ.

So are you, by the way! So go this week and be who you were created to be - Salt and Light. Jon T will be up this Sunday to continue this conversation as we Brighten with Flavor.


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