November 09, 2021

Things are changing in Cincy!

Had to bring out the gloves and winter hat this week! And the time will change this weekend, too. So don't forget to change/turn those clocks backward this Saturday night. You should be awake and perky for the message this Sunday since you'll have had an extra hour of sleep!


JT and I got a great email this week from one of our online community members about last week's worship/message:

We are back to watching church online and we feel so blessed to live at a time when online is possible. We did return this past summer, and it was wonderful! However, at this time we feel it's best to return to service online. Hopefully, we will be back very soon. I want to share with you a message that was waiting for me this morning when I logged on to Facebook. It is regarding a Praising Hands comment/emoji I posted during the service. We watch the service on TV using YouTube. We also have it on Facebook Live using our phones. That way we can comment or leave emojis. I've never been to Facebook jail, but it appears if I continue my behavior I may have to serve my time. I use the Praising Hands emoji a lot. So I believe I will most likely be a re-offender.

Evidently her comment went against Facebook's community standards (weird), but we are cheering on all who express praise to God in person OR online!


Speaking of Online/TV ministry, we received word that Star64 has had some major technical issues the last two weeks which have prohibited our weekly worship service from showing. We apologize for that. They said they hoped to have it corrected soon. So stay tuned - literally!


Donna and I have a daughter (Amanda Vaughan Porter) with whom we are well pleased. She has her Ph.D. degree in integrative mental health and is practicing out at the Lindner Center of Hope in Mason. She has written a new devotional book titled Dear Anxiety, Let's Break Up.


If you're looking for a great Christmas present for yourself or someone else struggling with anxiety and worry, you can pre-order your copy here and break up with anxiety - for good. As her dad, I recommend it with pride!


Could you help us unload a large food delivery at The Life Center?

Since 1928, St. Xavier High School has been collecting food to donate to food banks in our area to help feed the hungry. Each year, Bombers go out all over the city and collect over 100,000 pounds of food.

The Life Center will receive a large shipment from St. Xavier High School on Monday, November 8, between 11am and Noon. Our faithful Old Guard (mostly retirees) will be present to do what they can. However, we are looking for a few additional volunteers who can lend a hand to help unload, sort, store and shelve the large shipment of food. If you would be willing to help on Monday for an hour or so, just let us know by sending an email to


Thanksgiving and Christmas will soon be upon us - some of my favorite months of the year. I even changed my office music to Christmas already! Some may think it's too soon, but man, I need to hear and experience some joy, peace, and goodwill toward men! We all are waiting for Christmas.

That's why our December message series will focus on waiting. And how, in all of the cultural chaos and madness, we can still Wonder In The Waiting. What are you waiting for this Christmas? What are you hoping for in all your wondering? This Christmas season will be special for so many reasons. Pray for God to change hearts and homes this year in new ways.


See you this Sunday - with your changed clocks and winter coats!



P.S. Our oldest Whitewater member got promoted last week to heaven. Her name was Louise Yamataki and she was 99 years young! She was such a special lady. She would often be seen in the staff lounge area as her daughter, Eileen volunteers at the front desk. Our prayers and sympathy are extended to her wonderful family.

David Vaughan

Senior Minister