May 14, 2020

Screens and Schemes

What we see on the screen can often teach us powerful lessons from God. Learn more about our brand new teaching series called Life According to Movies.

Technology or no?

I bet you're spending a ton of time using technology and online apps right now. But some things simply cannot be delivered online. Member, Linda Myers sent me a humorous French commercial that proves it.



New Series

Since so many of us are watching screens right now, we are launching a brand new series called Life According to Movies this weekend. Stories, movies in particular, have power to teach us lessons God wants us to learn. Jesus often used captivating and culturally relevant stories to explain Kingdom truths. It is our goal as a church to bring help and hope through some movies you likely have seen as they are some of the top grossing movies of all time. Please note, this is not a blanket endorsement of every word or every part of the movies we will discuss. Some of these are rated PG13 and there are reasons for that. Not all the movies may be suitable for kids. But we can learn some heavenly truths from these very popular earthly stories.

Up first is The Wizard of Oz! If you haven't watched it in awhile, do it as a precursor for Sunday.



Come parade with us!


In connection with our new series Life According to Movies, our Harbortown KIDS team is sponsoring a movie-themed parade this Friday, May 15 from 6:30-7:30pm! Whitewater families are invited to drive through our parking lot (staying in cars) to see some awesome volunteers dressed up as movie characters! For more info, click Whitewater Movie Parade or check out this video.


Challenging times

I know this time is challenging, especially for families with young children. I want to let you know I am praying for you and the lessons you can only learn in this coronavirus shut-in/shut-down time. Believe it or not - God is not anti-quarantine. Adam and Eve were quarantined out of the Garden, and Noah was quarantined in the Ark (and FYI - the devil wrongfully thought Jesus was quarantined in the Tomb!).

It says in Genesis that God locked the door behind Noah and his family. For 370 days/nights in the Ark, Noah's family was locked in. No windows, decks, internet, cell phones, TV, Facebook or Netflix. Mrs. Noah could not go out for walks or go to the store. They could not take the animals for their daily walk. All they heard was the sound of rain for 40 days/nights. They likely spent their time connecting, praying, talking, and caring for the animals. But God provided for them. Noah did not even think of opening the window of the Ark except after 264 days. That is over 9 months!! But God worked in it and through it.  

Here's an idea - If you've watched everything on Netflix, maybe watching something a little more worthwhile than Tiger King might just be the trick. Our church has a subscription to Right Now Media, which means you have free access to a massive trove of video Bible teachings, conference sessions, devotionals, and KIDS PROGRAMS. It's on our website - click here.


and finally...

I have received numerous emails from some wonderful members asking me questions about some things they've seen on YouTube. I would categorize a few of them under the genre of COVID19 conspiracy theories, rumors about who's behind it, motives for vaccines, and other speculations. There is always some truth in things like this, but also half-truths, so be careful. They are interesting to consider, but I would also encourage you to read other articles as well, like these two: Article 1 and Article 2.

I'll be praying for all of you as we move forward in this fuzzy future. Remember - God is at work right now, even when we can't see it. See you on a screen this Sunday.



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