Connect to God through movie themes & characters 


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Watch or listen to the Life According to Movies series on our watch page or on the mobile app. Learn about life, God and humanity from themes and characters in movies.

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Here is your excuse to binge watch these movies, then discuss with your group what you learned about life, God and humanity. If you don't have a group, find out how to join one.

Movie Parade

On Friday, May 15, from 6:30-7:30pm, we are holding a Whitewater movie-themed parade in our parking lot! 

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Each week we will explore how the stories in movies point towards the lessons God has been weaving for thousands of years and has revealed through the Bible. Learn how you can connect to God and feel hope through movie themes and characters.

May 17: The Wizard of Oz     
May 24: Avenger's: End Game
May 31: Remember the Titans
June 7: Toy Story
June 14: Titantic

Note: Not all the movies may be suitable for certain individuals like kids. While we are learning from the themes of these movies, please do not consider it a blanket endorsement of all of the content in the movies.

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Some of our movie examples are kid-friendly, but if you prefer, you can use our PG-rated online programming.

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