September 27, 2021

Remarkable Stuff! | The Direct - Sept 23, 2021

Remarkable things happening at Whitewater!

Whitewater is continuing to be remarkable in so many areas

As leaders from every sector in our society (business, education, political, and even pastors) lament about the challenges and frustrations of our current COVID reality, this local church called Whitewater Crossing continues to be remarkable. If you don't think so, just take a few minutes to peruse our website and church social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, WWYTH, Harbortown KIDS) and you'll see what I get a front row to see. Remarkable stories of life change, building disciples, answered prayers, difference-making, and providing hope and help to people of all ages and stages!


And I am so proud of Allen Cruz and his first-ever teaching time at Whitewater last Sunday. Remarkable. What a beautiful, simple, biblical, and practical message.


The 132 baptisms we've seen this year at Whitewater are also off-the-chart-good! And it's the one number God tracks because the Bible says "that's when the angels in heaven rejoice!" In the middle of a pandemic nonetheless. Remarkable.


I am so pleased, too, by the continued generosity shown each week through the offerings given. We recently wrapped up a 90 Day Generosity Challenge, and Beth Maxey (on our team) shared that out of all our giving people/families: 19% were brand new givers and 36% increased their giving! Remarkable. The overall increase in contributions from all givers was 123%! And this doesn't even include the other giving done with backpacks, supplies, shoes, etc. Dozens have reached out with stories of how God has provided for them during the Challenge. So keep it up Whitewater. Your generosity is fueling mission at a hugely critical time! Remarkable.


I am proud of the way JT is leading our staff. As part of our Succession Plan, I have been moving to more of a coaching/mentoring role, and I've had a front row seat to watch him lead our wonderful staff day-to-day. He is energetic, focused, compassionate, competent, and courageous in leading them in the most complex time we've ever experienced as a team. Remarkable.


I am also so excited to inform you about a remarkable new partnership Whitewater will have through the Life Center. The Community Engagement Administrator with the Department of Economic Inclusion & Equity in Hamilton County now has a mobile 513 Relief Bus. Funded with a 13.5 million dollar grant from the Federal Government, the 513 Relief Bus will be coming to the Life Center to help our community with direct assistance and/or on-site applications for:
• Cash
• Food
• Medicaid
• Rent and Utility Assistance
• Workforce Development
• Child Support / Child Care

Their first time on our campus will be Thursday, October 14, 2-5pm.

This collaborative will bring far greater resources than is normally available to us to meet the needs of the under-resourced and underprivileged in our community. Remarkable!


There are more remarkable things I will share in my Direct each week going forward.

Yes, we still have things we want to improve and get better at as a church family, but you need to know God is absolutely at work in this local church and our best days are ahead. Because HE is... remarkable!



P.S. I am also proud of our Dude's Day team, who are putting together a remarkable day for men on October 2 here at church. Click here to register.


David Vaughan

Senior Minister