February 03, 2019

Ideas from Brad Volters

Keep the emphasis on relationship.

Keep the emphasis on relationship:

  1. Building my relationship with God, in order that I can model that to the people on my street
  2. Building relationships with the people on my street

Remember, the harvest belongs to the Lord (Mat 9:38), so it’s His power and not just ours. 1 Corinthians 3:7-9 says that one man plants and another one waters, but God gives the increase.  This is what we are looking for, seed planters and waterers! 

Someone may have 10 families from their street come with them to Whitewater and ultimately enter a relationship with Christ because their field is ripe for the harvest.  Someone else may never see anyone from their street enter into a relationship with Christ because the ground has to be prepared, it has to be tilled and fertilized, planted and watered.  In both instances, the workers were very successful because they were faithful labors in God's harvest. It is His harvest, His increase, His role!

Remember Romans 10:13-17, ‘How can they hear if no one goes, but beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news to their street!’  (Paraphrased!)

Serve your neighbors - Help them rake leaves, clear the snow, mow their grass while they are on vacation.  If they have kids, know about what is going on with them.  Invest in the lives of the people on your street!  

Pray for opportunities (after you have established a relationship), to start conversations. Things like: 

"We were just talking about that in church last week.  It might really help you to come and hear the teaching.  Would you like to come?"

If your neighbor says ‘no’, that’s fine. Follow-up with something like "That’s fine, but know the invitation always stands and maybe will ask again down the road." You have now left yourself the opportunity to invite them again.