April 22, 2020

How Long Can You Live Without Hope?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, remember that our LIVING HOPE is Jesus Christ.



Hey Whitewater,

How long can you live without hope?

It's been said, "You can live for a month without food, 3 days without water, and 5 minutes without air. But you can't live a second without hope." That's why, as coronavirus continues to lurk, we must remember our LIVING HOPE, Jesus Christ.

And Hope is Still Rising!


When will we meet again?

Many of you are asking or wondering when we'll be able to meet again, in person, as a church community. We are wondering the same thing! Our church staff are preparing for various scenarios, but we're taking our ultimate cues on dates from the Governor as to when and how we can meet again, safely. So stay tuned - you'll be the first to know! I'll tell you this though - I will never take church attendance on our campus for granted ever! For now (and perhaps for some time into the future), we will continue to provide Church Online or on TV with the Sunday morning 'Dose of Hope' on Star 64/Local 12. A huge thanks to our fantastic Online Campus support team for their unprecedented work to make this experience possible.


A hope reminder

If you need a reminder as to who our ultimate hope comes from, check this out.

A beautiful picture of an Eagle protecting her young, but turn it upside down and see the one who is really protecting us!


Your generosity

Your generous financial giving online continues to bless us and so many others! Thank you so much. Missy Getz posted this on Facebook messenger. God bless Missy and others just like her who are doing this!

During these times it is easy to look inward and focus on ourselves and our families. I would like to make a suggestion! In the last few days we've all received a check we weren't counting on for $1200. Biblically we are to give our first 10% to the church. During this time I'm certain donations are drastically down at our churches. The building cost money and the pastors have families. While I know we all have our own issues to deal with, I would really hate to see churches closing their doors when this is all over. Please, please, please consider donating the first $120 to your churches... I know that if you do, God will greatly reward you for your sacrifices!

1 Cor 9:6 Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. In Mark, Jesus talks about the rich putting large sums of money into the offering but the poor woman putting in a little, but it was all she had. She was more greatly rewarded. Whether you can do the full $120 or a smaller amount, God sees your heart and your sacrifice and will multiply it for the good of His church.

Whatever you can give, please do so to keep our churches alive! Every church hates to stand up there on Sunday and talk about tithes. After this they will have to even more. That's why I'm posting, in hopes they won't have to as much. I've heard people say how churches always want your money. It's true, they do...so they can continue to serve their communities and lead people to the Lord. We are to give to the church with a cheerful heart.

Feel free to share this if you'd like, or don't... I would just like for us to help America not lose one single church, or one single pastor have to go out and get a job to feed their family.

People like Missy and others are giving online, and mailing their checks in. God bless you.

If you're in a season of shortage right now because you lost your job or got laid off, you're not able to give, and we totally understand. Please let us know how we can pray for you. Our friend, Chuck Proudfit from atworkonpurpose.org and his team have put in place some resources where they come alongside employees or employers for help with workplace dislocation of all kinds. The providers are all experts in their fields, but also Christians, so check it out if you need help in your search for work and encouragement.


and finally...

Last and certainly not least, here is a video my friend, Roddy Chong sent me this week. Roddy performs with TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) and has shared his testimony here at Whitewater before. His practical message of how to approach your professional and personal life may give you some hope this week.

Praying for you to keep Hope alive in your life, family, and neighborhood. This too shall pass, friend!



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