April 02, 2020

Hope is Rising

Hope is rising through Whitewater's Life Center and church members who are thinking of creative ways to help others.



Hey Whitewater,


...through our Life Center

The Life Center is on the front line of providing help and hope to people right now. Let's rally behind the upcoming Buy 1 Give 1: Campaign of Hope. The Life Center is also now looking to amass a reserve of volunteers who might have temporary availability and desire to be at the ready to serve in various food and financial resourcing roles. Click here to see available roles.



...through our members thinking & acting outside the box

Received this email from an awesome member:

So, last week my business partner told me City Gospel was in need of some items for bagged lunches. With the COVID19, they are only allowed to serve their in-house residents. The people they serve off the street are no longer allowed to come in for meals. So, City Gospel decided they would put together bagged lunches. They said they also greatly needed bottled water for the bags. So, I called Larry, the executive director of A Child's Hope International and Hands Against Hunger who I have known for many years (and for whom the church has done food packs.) They have also been closed due to the coronavirus. I asked if he'd be willing to open up The Hope Factory and allow me to buy a whole pallet of cases of their "Promise Water" and take to City Gospel, thereby supporting two great causes. Even though no one was allowed in their building, they not only opened up, they donated the pallet (84 cases) and all the food that my business partner and I could carry in our trucks.


Last Monday, we met at The Hope Factory, loaded our pickups with all the water and food we could hold and took it to City Gospel. City Gospel was blown away and very thankful for the water. Since this virus has hit, we have been proactively calling organizations and individuals we know to see if there is anything we can help them with. We have been able to take groceries to several elderly women, help with household issues with some elderly neighbors on our street, and others. This is a time for us Christians to keep stepping up. We have been given a Spirit of Power and not of fear. We should still use our common sense to be safe, but God can use us now in ways beyond normal if we stay alert and act on those opportunities that may not typically be there.


...through Easter

Hope is rising on Easter, along with Jesus! Check out all the ways we're going to celebrate together (but still be apart)!

Celebrating Easter


...with generosity and finances

As David mentioned last week, we are committed to helping others in very generous ways both in and out of our church, while also being the best financial stewards of the money God has given us. We project we will be able to shave about $20,000 per week from our expenses, mainly in unneeded ministry supplies, facilities cost including utilities, mortgage payment deferment and a bit of church staff time not used. Even with that, we anticipate our future levels of giving will put us in a deficit in needed revenue, so your faithful giving (if you're able and/or still employed) is so appreciated! No gift is too small (big doors swing on small hinges!), so even if this crisis has reduced your ability to give, do something. You'll feel better and God will bless it.

Give Online

Thankfully, we still have reserve savings set aside for emergencies and contingencies, so we do not have to use these monies for ministry operating costs. We have reset our priorities for the next 90 days and are fully investing in our Church Online ministries, Congregational Care, and our Life Center. These diligent efforts will preserve our mission and ensure the church is working right long after this crisis is over.


...through helping families

Whitewater members, Linda and Merrill Hutchinson have graciously offered to coach, support and resource families in this difficult season. They are offering free support from Rock Solid Families to help anyone in our church family right now. Their office in St. Leon, Indiana is currently closed to in-person appointments, but they will make themselves available to you via phone call or video chat. Call 812-576-ROCK (7625) or reach out to them by clicking here.


From David

We've had several messages from members regarding the safety of our staff and our church community. Thank you for reaching out to us!

You may have noticed in several Daily Dose of Hope videos our staff and volunteers in close proximity to each other. Many of these videos were shot before the more strict guidelines were issued by Governor DeWine. Be assured we are currently making adjustments to obey the governor's orders as well as the Federal guidelines of social distancing. Numerous staff have been working from home and only come to the church if needed to complete a critical job, and a skeleton crew is used for filming videos with a focus on being physically apart and practicing good hygiene before and after. Additionally, we plan to be all online until at least May 3. Thank you again for your prayers and concerns!

I am praying for you in the storm. Hold tight to those anchors that are secure!


P.S. I know you're likely saturated with reading right now, but this article is fascinating if you're looking for one more!


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