November 23, 2020

A Sparkling Thanksgiving

See how we are Sparkling at Thanksgiving and through COVID.

We are officially 'sparkling' for Jesus!

Check it out here. How are you doing filling up your Sparkle Box?! Kelly emailed me to share her Sparkle story.


Hello Whitewater,

I'm in love with our new series, Sparkle, as I've loved teaching my kids to do acts of service, especially around the holidays. When I told my kids about the sparkle box, my youngest, 7 year old girl, was so excited and couldn't wait to get started! My 10 year old boy was less than impressed (praying for a change in his heart towards service and giving). We went and picked out a shine box (I'm an anti-glitter momma, haha) and printed out the resources from the website to get ready to Sparkle!

I tried to explain that this isn't any different than the previous years, with the exception of writing what we do down, but my girl was so excited and who am I to thwart that excitement? It was perfect timing because we just received a project from Pam Stoll. After completing the project she rushed to our box and wrote down her gift to Jesus.


She said "Doing this makes me want to do more for God." (YES! Preach it girl!) Definitely a proud mommy moment! Anyway, we are looking forward to the rest of the sermon series and "Sparkling" our city with the love of Jesus over the next 40 days, as my shirt in the picture attached says "Tis the season to Sparkle!"

Thanks Kelly. Let's continue to Sparkle even during these dark days of COVID.


Speaking of COVID...

The coronavirus numbers are significantly increasing in Hamilton County, and we are hearing about more and more Whitewater members who are getting it, so please continue to be vigilant.

We are requesting that you read and abide by the guidelines outlined here which are recommended by the CDC and our COVID Task Force. We don't want to cancel indoor Sunday services again, so we are requesting that masks be worn anytime you are in our building. We know this is inconvenient, but it will help ensure we can keep our doors open.

I received this email from a great servant at Whitewater. Life giving encouragement for us over here leading in unprecedented times:

As COVID ramps up again, I'll make a not so bold prediction that you are (again) facing important decisions including how to address in-person worship, etc. It's safe to assume that you're going to face criticism whether you make changes or whether you keep things the same. Rather than criticism, I think it's important for you to hear that I -- and many others who you don't hear from -- trust you guys and will support -- and defend to others -- what you decide to change or keep the same. I'm praying for you and for the entire WCCC staff team, for God to make your path clear, and for a peace and confidence that transcends all understanding.

And let me share one more email from my inbox that might encourage you in this COVID season:

Pastor Vaughan,

I've got to admit I was adamant about returning to church after my baptism during the pandemic. I've walked a very lonely road spiritually and just kinda laid back and took things in, but knew deep inside I was to return to church, cause my walk is just starting and I've got so much I need to know about our Savior Jesus. I know His kingdom is at hand, and I want to make sure I have a place there. I have to be honest about returning to church. I'm high risk due to my health, but after attending last Sunday, I know it's where I have to be. I felt so at peace and at home. It's hard to live a spiritual life when your family you are with can be your own persecutor because of your beliefs. Thank you for giving me God's message that I belong at Whitewater Crossing.


Join us in praying

By now many of you are aware of the passing of Rob Humphries, husband of staff member, Jereca, and dad to sweet Navy Anne. Rob was such an inspiration onstage - as he played guitar in our worship band - as well as offstage. Because of his witness, others will be joining him in Heaven someday! As I write this, plans for his Celebration of Life service are still being made. Please pray for Jereca and Navy, Rob's mom, Annette, and all of the family members who are already missing him tremendously.

Because this is how we fight our battles


and finally...

Whether you Sparkle with us on campus or online, we love that you are on mission with us! Have a great Thanksgiving week. We are grateful for you - now more than ever!


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