Toy Store

Help 100 families shop for toys for their children, and experience the real hope and sparkle of the Christmas season. Donate toys or cash, and help out by serving at the event.

Life Center

Bring the glow of hope to others by giving food to the Food Pantry, donating a car for Wheels, providing toiletry items for the homeless, or packing items for the Backpack Club. 


Start thinking differently about generosity and help combust spiritual life change at Whitewater, in your neighborhood, in our schools and in our community.


The holiday season gives us the opportunity to be the light of the world that Jesus calls us to be. In Christ we are not just brighter in the dark, we Sparkle.

Following are some ways you and your family can bring a blaze of Hope and a glimmer of joy to others. What you can put in your Sparkle Box each week? 

Wednesday, Nov 18, 9:30am
Serve by staging for the homeless pack happening the following weekend. 
Register online, 10 maximum 

Thursday, November 19, 5:30-7pm 
The Whitewater Community Food Pantry will receive 100 Fruit and Veggie Boxes that will be distributed out of the Solve7 Truck parked in the church parking lot outside the Life Center. We are looking for families to help us man the truck and serve families who show up for the food. Also, if you are in need or know someone in need, come on out! 
Register online, 10 maximum Sorry, this Sparkle opportunity is already full. We hope you'll sign up for another event.

Sunday, Nov 22, after each service 
Join us for a safe, COVID-friendly, homeless food and toiletry pack. Pack bags to take with you to share as you are out in the community. 
No registration necessary 

Wednesday, December 9, 9:30am 
Help us be For Our Schools as we gather on campus to pack Lightning Squad take-home kits, which will contain a snack, game and/or craft, and Bible teaching to help kids continue growing in their faith. Kits will be distributed each month at Southwest elementary schools, and will be available for virtual and homeschool students to pick up at local area churches. 
Register online, 100 maximum 

date/time TBD 
Toy Store Set up
Registration coming soon, 25 maximum 

Toy Store Opportunities 
Check out the web page for ways to donate a toy or serve on the day of the event.

Additional Family Sparkle Ideas

Radiate Light

Share how you and your family used your Sparkle Box each week or changed your holiday traditions. Let your story inspire others to shine, whether it's a twinkle, a shimmer or a burst of radiance.

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