Kurt Knochel Elder

I'm a Hoosier at heart, born in Indy in 1962 and raised in Rochester until moving to West Lafayette during 9th grade. I graduated with a religion major from Wabash College and served as associate minister of a Methodist church my last two years. Amy and I married in Columbus (IN), then went to medical school back in Indy. Amy, a high school math teacher, and I moved to Peoria, IL, for residency, then to Cincinnati in 1991 for my career in Emergency Medicine (primarily at Good Samaritan). Our sons were born in 1990 and 1995, and our grandkids were born in 2017 and 2019. We enjoy time with family, travel (I bought a truck and camper last year!), and playing bridge online with my parents several times per month. We walk at local parks, usually with our dog, Copper. Amy and I joined Westwood Cheviot Church of Christ in 1997, experiencing several senior and interim ministers there before David Vaughan. There was a lot of change and turmoil during those years as the leadership made decisions that were difficult in the short run but essential for the long-term health of WCCC as it transitioned to Whitewater Crossing Church of Christ. We remember tent services in a pasture as the ground was broken for our current facility and recall a sense of excitement (mixed with uncertainty) the day we left the familiarity of Glenmore Avenue for the unknown of Rt. 128. I am currently an elder, and Amy heads up the backpack program. We are fully engaged with Whitewater and excited about our future as a community of disciple-makers serving the kingdom. We remain because, despite changes in the people leading WCCC, this church consistently follows Jesus and Him only.

Kurt's Story