Justin Noppert Elder

Born and raised in Southeastern Indiana, I have always had a passion for adventure. Whether it was pushing the limits on my BMX bike or my go-cart as a kid or flying high above the clouds in my paraglider as an adult, I've always craved thrilling experiences. I found that I was willing to take risks that others weren't and to go places that others might not. Once I met Jesus, I realized He could use this desire for the good of His kingdom. He could shape my adventurous, pioneering spirit to be part of the great things He wanted to do! This led me all around the world, as I committed five years of my young adult life to mission work. These years shaped in me an identity as a "missionary." It didn't matter where I was or who I was with; I could look for opportunities to encourage and challenge others further into the kingdom of God. I moved back to the area as a young man when my father passed away. For anyone who's lost a parent too young, this significantly shapes your character, roles, and responsibilities. Fortunately, Jesus was leading my life then; I also had some good men I sought out as mentors. These past 17 years in Indiana have been a different kind of adventure. Since meeting my wife, Natalie (through a ministry in Honduras), we have had 3 children who are now in elementary and middle school. My family and I have the opportunity to be part of our community in Lawrenceburg and continue to share Jesus in tangible ways with those around us. I have several small businesses and am a founder and participant in an awesome, growing men's group (The Fight). I serve as an elected local official and recently have been part of a non-profit startup to begin training leaders within the community. And once again, God is providing ways for me to encourage and challenge others to find their own God-given callings and mission fields. Over the years, I've served in various local churches as a small group leader, Missions Pastor, and Worship Leader, occasionally even preaching on Sundays when they were really desperate! My family and I have been part of the Whitewater community for 8 years now, and I've served on the Prayer and Baptism Teams alongside some incredible folks here. In 2022, I was asked to serve as an elder. I am excited about all God has in store for my family and yours. And I won't stop seeking adventure because I know that "with God, anything is possible."