David Myers Elder

I am passionate about Harbortown! My wife Linda and I grew up at Whitewater back when it was called Westwood Cheviot Church of Christ. Even recently, we attended a funeral for Linda's Sunday School teacher, a woman who taught Sunday School for thirty years; she was influential in the lives of many children, those children's children, and those children's children! Our church's children's ministry has a legacy of teaching kids that goes back many decades! We're passionate about Harbortown because what our volunteers teach children will affect generations to come. Linda and I enjoy living downtown. Our daughter & family live in Over-the-Rhine and are active in a small church across from Washington Park. Our son & family live in Mason and are engaged in Crossroads Church. Linda and I love being involved in our grandkids' lives, ages 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14. Professionally, Linda worked in administration for Oak Hills Local School District while I ran a small business called OfficeKey. In 2009, Linda, I, and three other couples were filmed discussing a past capital campaign to buy Whitewater's current land. While filming this, we were told, "We'd like you to see some people blessed by your giving ." One person walked into the room - then another - then another, and another - until people filled the room. We were in tears as several shared their stories. Linda and I have been blessed by opportunities to serve and give at Whitewater. Whitewater has also been blessed by generations before us. One longtime leader at Whitewater, Jack Eick, contrary to his peers that insisted the church would fail if it moved to Cleves, said: "I may not live to see our church on Route 128, but our young people have a vision and I will support it". Jack passed too soon. In 2014, after serving as an Elder for thirty years, I stepped off of the Elder team so the vision for Whitewater would be crafted by younger men. I am serving again briefly now, and the Elders are the finest I have seen.