Christopher Eger Weekend / Language & Communication

Born and raised up the hill in Bridgetown, I watched for eighteen years as my grandfather, my Dad, and my Mom each served God and his church at Westwood-Cheviot Church of Christ (now Whitewater). My experiences as a kid led me to Johnson City, Tennessee, where I spent 20+ years of life and ministry as a musician, worship leader, executive leader, and learner through a long and educational string of life seasons and experiences. (See: personal mistakes and successes, church disappointments, times of flourishing church health, community deep and wide, and lifelong friendships). In 2020, my fearless and lovely wife Amelia and I packed up our life in Tennessee, bound for Whitewater (living in Bridgetown/Mack South) with our prolifically creative daughter (Greta) and sweet, relentless son (Ellis John) in tow. We're a family of bare feet, tent camping, snuggling in the hammock or by the fire, spending time with our neighbors, and keeping up with close friends (probably at a brewery or playing cards and sharing a meal at home). God is good to us, and we're just living in his kindness.

2023 Staff Interview Chris