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November 10, 2020

3rd Quarter Report 2020

Discover how our mission of helping people find hope in Jesus has never been stronger.

The Whitewater Difference


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Our mission of helping people find hope in Jesus has never been stronger. People of all ages have gone all-in with their faith through baptism and we celebrate that! 


“Hey, that’s the church that helps people!” That’s the word around town because of how you are serving the community through initiatives like Shoes for Souls. 



Watch stories at youtube.com/whitewatervideo.


Steady and Secure

The year has jolted most of the world in a variety of ways. Routines, social events, and family traditions have been altered and our world has felt unsteady and insecure. 

Psalm 62:1 says, “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.” I want to reassure you that nothing in our lives surprises God. The God who walked with us before a global pandemic is the same God walking with us now and will remain steady and secure in the future. 

There are people within our community, state, and around the world who do not know the help and hope that come from knowing Jesus so that means we still have work to do. It is because of these truths that the mission of Whitewater doesn’t cease. Life change is still happening, people are still finding hope, and many will be in heaven because you chose to financially support the mission of  Whitewater! 

Star64 and Church Online

Sharing the gospel message with thousands of people outside of in-person gatherings used to feel out of reach but since the launch of Star64 and Church Online, and because of your generosity, the message of Jesus and the good news he provides is spreading to over 5,400 homes every single week. 


10% of all Ripple contributions help fund Solve7 and our mission is to help people find hope by removing physical barriers to make way for spiritual opportunities. 

During June and July, through our Whitewater Life Center, your contributions were spent to form stabilized housing, provide electricity, transportation, job and budget skills, masks, and shoes to people who were most in need. These resources help people as they transition into new jobs. 

From your generous donations to our Buy One, Give One Campaign, over one ton of food was collected which fed hundreds of families through our Food Pantry, the Mobile Food Pantry, Mobile Meals, and eight consecutive weeks of Picnics thru the Parking Lot. 

Thrivepointe counseling continues to partner with us to serve the emotional/mental health needs of families both a part of our church & surrounding communities. 

Wheels did shut down their shop for a short time during COVID. They gradually opened up operations again in May and gave away 32 cars in June in July. Some of our top volunteer mechanics are Whitewater guys! 

Harbortown KIDS

In September, Harbortown launched online programming that’s written and produced in-house. In addition, Lightning Squad, a program implemented in the Southwest Local school district, relaunched at the beginning of the school year. This program gives us the opportunity to connect students, teachers, and other churches by providing packets that contain faith-based activities and stories. 

Thank you for being a difference maker!

Beth Maxey
Stewardship Director

David Vaughan
Senior Minister

“I just wanted to really thank you so much for putting the messages  online. Truly the message on Hope was much-needed and I could feel like God was speaking to me through you. Thank you so much again. Have a wonderful rest of the week.” - Sandy and Angel Hockemeyer


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