Summit Series: Surrendered

Join us for our Summit Series to dive deeper into what a disciple is and how to become one. Each series will take 6 weeks as we meet in table groups to look at one specific attribute of being a disciple and practice skills to help us apply it in our everyday life. 

This new series (Thursdays 4/13-5/18 @ 6:30PM) - Summit Series: Surrendered - will be an exploration of what it means to be disciples of Jesus (people who are trained by Him to be like Him and do what He does), discovering together the beautiful implications of Jesus’ identity as our rescuing and life-giving King. Come learn how to orient your whole life around Jesus and how to simply practice His way of life. This will be a great opportunity not only to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus but also to meet and connect with others at Whitewater.

NOTE: Each Summit Series (e.g. Surrendered) will naturally expound on the previous Summit Series (e.g. Storytellers) - but new participants WILL NOT be starting out behind or out of the loop!

Childcare is available. $2 per child or $5 per family. Please pay cash when you arrive.

Dates for Summit Series: Surrendered