Estate Planning Seminar

11:00 am

No matter your current financial position or age, every adult should have an estate plan that specifies the future distribution of resources, outlines important medical decisions, and provides for the guardianship of minor children.

Financial Planning Ministry (one of Whitewater's ministry partners) will be with us in February to host a short class that will make estate planning a reality for you and to highlight opportunities for personal stewardship for individuals and families of ANY income level. 

But why this class? Why you? 

Here's one example of this class's value: Those participating will receive assistance with crucial estate planning documents without incurring the typical market cost of $1,500 to $4,000. That's immediate savings you can repurpose toward family members you love as well as missions and causes about which you are passionate! We'll also learn how to avoid both the process and cost of probate (the formal legal Estate process of establishing the legitimacy of a will). That means more of your financial assets can wind up right where you want them.

Join us! The Estate Planning Seminar will be held on Sun Feb 18th @ 9:00AM and 11:00 AM in Room 204 (that's right across from Worship Center Entrance B).

Dates for Estate Planning Seminar