GriefShare meets weekly for 13 weeks each spring and fall.



If I’m grieving the loss of my job, or my pet, or a separation from marriage, can I attend GriefShare?
Griefshare is for those grieving (either past or present) the loss of a person from death.

What happens during a typical meeting?
During a meeting we review the past week’s devotions in the workbook by sharing our observations and questions. After that, we watch the current week’s video, then discuss it in our separate breakout sessions for men and for women. And every session is enveloped in prayer.

Do I have to talk during the meeting?
No. No one is forced to talk. You are welcome to join the conversation whenever you feel comfortable doing so. While you don’t have to talk, you’ll find that when you do, you will notice a measurable progression in your healing process.

Is GriefShare counseling?
No. GriefShare is not counseling. Facilitators are there to encourage participation by introducing questions to generate conversation, and to manage the dynamics of the group. If you are currently seeing a counselor, we recommend your continuing that. Through GriefShare you will be amazed at the healing that takes place by sharing experiences with people in situations similar to yours.

What about confidentiality?
At each meeting we stress the fact that confidentiality is very important. Names of others in the group are not to be shared outside the group. The only time that confidentiality may knowingly be set aside is if we feel that someone may be in danger.

Are there other guidelines?
Another important rule is being respectful of others in the group who may desire to talk and share, just as you will. Facilitators may monitor the amount of time allotted for individual contributions.

Do I have to write in the workbook?
Writing in the workbook is not required, but we encourage you to take notes during the video. Each lesson is outlined in the workbook with plenty of room to record your thoughts. You’ll find your notes to be very helpful when you refer back to the lessons. And like talking during the meeting, note-taking will help you on the path to healing.

I have kids and need to get home at a certain time – is that okay?
Yes. You are free to leave whenever you need to, but we hope you can stay for most of the session.

Is child care provided?
Yes, we provide free childcare during GriefShare sessions, but you must sign up so we have enough childcare helpers. Click to signup for childcare.

What should I do if I can’t come to one of the sessions?
If you know ahead of time that you can’t attend, please let your facilitator know, via phone or email. If
you’re going to be late, just come on ahead, and join in when you arrive. It’s okay to miss a session since each lesson is independent of the others—but you’ll get the most benefit by attending all meetings.

If I miss a class, can I see the DVD at another time?
Please check with your facilitator about this. Sometimes it can be arranged for an alternate time. Another option is to attend that week of the next series (either Spring or Fall).

I enjoyed the classes a lot, but I think it would help if I went through GriefShare again. Is that permitted?
Absolutely! Once you have attended you will be put on the list of alumni and will be notified when the next 13-week series is scheduled. (You can always find our schedule online at www.griefshare.org as well!) Many people find that they hear things they missed the first time through, because now they are in a different place emotionally.

I have a question that isn’t addressed here, but is important. What can I do?
Contact Mason Seevers  at 513-702-9831 or seeversmason@gmail.com