How’s that workout going?

Church coach Bob Franquiz says that every January gyms across America get packed. Lines 4-5 people deep to use treadmills and StairMasters. “Eye of the Tiger” is blasting over the stereo system as people get their sweat on.

7 Things on my mind this Labor Day week!

– Seven more folks went All-In last Sunday after serviceAll-In is clearly not All Over!

All-In! Eclipse

Last Sunday at Whitewater it was more about the SON than the sun! While the world was watching the heavens, the heavens were watching us.

Even a Dictator Went All-In!

This coming weekend is the one a lot of us have been waiting for! Our All-In baptism Sunday. Please pray. We will be baptizing at both Sunday services and this has the potential to be the largest All-In experience in our history! (more…)

Is HE calling your name?


Sunday, August 20 is shaping up to be a day of unprecedented response. A day where people take the next step in their spiritual journey and go All-In with their faith by being baptized, just like they were in the New Testament. It’s our annual All-In Baptism Weekend! (more…)

Summer Study Break

Though still on my study break (I think it is my best one yet for ideas!), I am getting awesome feedback about our weekend communicators. Don’t miss this Sunday and don’t be late as the teaching time will be right at the beginning of the worship service again. (more…)

7 Habits, 4 Givers, and 7 Ways to Wreck Your Life DFD

Last Sunday I taught on The 7 Habits of a Godly Man. (I will spare you the disturbing picture I showed of Samson!) (more…)

Praise for the Father… DFD

This coming weekend we will celebrate all our dads and I will share a message entitled The 7 Habits of a Godly Man. (more…)

Your Addiction Affliction DFD

A member of a recovery group shared the following imaginary letter: (more…)

Summer radio is here… DFD

Memorial Day weekend marks the traditional starting point of summer and with it, vacationing. As you travel this summer, please find a church where you can gather with God’s people and hear God’s Word. Bring back any good ideas you may find too! Don’t forget to sign up for recurring giving before you leave town so your offering can be invested here in life change as usual. (more…)

7 Things I am SUPER pumped about! DFD

1. ‘Detox the Mind’ is having a major effect. Based on the conversations and emails I am getting, our current weekend series is accomplishing our goal of helping people overcome the mental patterns that are causing hurts, hang-ups, and heartaches. I’m glad. As many of you know, I am a golf fan. A sharp young man named Billy Horschel won a PGA Tour event last Sunday. What people don’t know is the rest of the story. Here is a tweet from his wife after the victory. Everyone needs Detox. (more…)

I want to get baptized so I can see my little boy again DFD

Hi Friends.

On Mother’s Day Sunday, we experienced one of the most moving baptisms I have witnessed in a church service. It was the baptism of a still grieving, but courageous young mother who was featured in a recent Dollar Difference. Check it out here.  Her statement on what prompted her immersion was: ‘I want to get baptized so I can see my little boy again.’ So powerful, especially on Mother’s Day. (more…)

Detoxings and Openings DFD

I am still celebrating and smiling about the energetic opening of last Sunday’s service with our wonderful students! It was epic. The reason they are so exited is because this Sunday the Union will open its doors for the first time. Students/Young Adults have waited a long time for this day and they’d like to show off what God has provided. So please stop by this Sunday at the Union from 9-10am – the doors will be open and they’ve got a little goodie waiting for you. It is Mother’s Day, so it truly will be the mother of all openings! (more…)

Dont Be Late! DFD

We successfully launched our new series Detox the Mind last Sunday. James Hansee and our worship team did an outstanding job. You can catch the live rebroadcast of Sunday’s service tonight at 7pm. That sharp young lady featured in the video (I happen to know her!) also blogs regularly about mental health. (more…)

I gave them Hell… DFD

Well, kinda. I gave folks heaven, but talked about hell. If you missed it, check out the rebroadcast tonight at 7pm. Our job as a church is to get the word out about this horrible, painful, and eternal place so people are saved from it. Here is one of the best poems ever written about hell. (more…)


It is finished (Tetelestai). Easter weekend that is. Thanks to your fantastic inviting, we had a record-breaking attendance of 3,082 on Easter weekend (last year we welcomed 1,948). And that was with I-74 being totally shut down Sunday morning because of an accident. (Got texts from people who were stuck and turned around to go back home.) I am so proud of everyone who invited, served, and attended. Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God. (more…)

The greatest comeback ever! DFD

I love sports. (Especially around spring with The Final Four and The Masters back to back!) If you are a sports fan, you have witnessed not one, not two, but three of the greatest comebacks in the history of the three major American sports (NBA, MLB, NFL) within the last year. (more…)

007 and Easter DFD

I have a confession – I like James Bond movies (especially the older ones). I’ve seen every one. Someone even gave me a music CD with all the James Bond theme songs/music and every once in a while someone will hear it playing in my office and smile. I have always wanted to say to a visitor to our church – ‘Hi, my name is Vaughan. David Vaughan.’ The Bond flick from 2012, Skyfall, is one of my favorites because it blends the past and the future. It also has one of the best lines which is highly relevant this week. Someone asked Bond if he has a hobby. He replies with one word: ‘Resurrection.(more…)

A Weird Easter and an Amazing Video DFD

We are enjoying and learning so much from our Cross My Heart series on the seven last words of Christ from the cross. Many folks have been traveling for spring break; so if you missed last week, catch it hereIf for no other reason, watch for Missy’s Dollar Difference video at the close of my sermon. It’s one of the best examples I have ever seen of the church working right. Do your water homework every day this week (listen to the message), and to quote another interesting man, “Stay thirsty, my friends!” (more…)

How far would you go for love? DFD

Several years ago, the Associated Press ran a fantastic story about the extent of a brother’s love. (more…)