April 09, 2021

We're Still Celebrating

Two extra services added, thirty-eight baptisms...one incredible Easter weekend


What a powerful Easter weekend we experienced and celebrated. And, we still are.












We heard from so many who texted, posted, and emailed. Here is how one person described it...

The service was incredible, awesome, outstanding! I have been attending church since I was in diapers and Sunday was the best Easter service I have ever been a part of. In fact, in the top five, perhaps three, of all the Sunday services I have attended in my lifetime. Please pass along my words to the ENTIRE staff and those behind the scenes.

We had great attendance, energy, and life change, both in person and online. The thing I am most thrilled about were the 38 courageous folks who went All In over the weekend. Can't wait to share more specifics on their stories, but here are a few highlights!

38 people went All In.
The youngest person was 7.
The oldest person was 79.
We had fathers and mothers baptizing their children.
We had parents going all in with their children.
We had someone who has been in legal trouble decide they needed a life change through Jesus.
We had someone who struggles with mental health issues decide to rely on God and seek only the hope He can give.
We had someone who had deep sorrow from losing children in the family go to God for comfort.
We had people who had never been on our campus decide this was their moment to say yes.
We even had a baptism via video from our missionary partners in the country of Jordan.

It was the church working right. Please pray for every single one of these precious 38 souls. Everyone that went All In will be invited to a Connect class as well as an I'm Baptized - Now What class to ensure that decisions becomes disciples!


New Sermon Series


We start a new weekend series this Sunday on the next section of Jesus' teaching from The Sermon on The Mount. Read Matthew 5:21-26 to pray for the first message I am teaching on "Never Enough."


More good news

We also received word from Star64 that they are now broadcasting us twice on Sunday mornings. Once at 9:30am and again at 10am.


in closing...

God continues to bless us right now. I am humble, but also hungry for more of what only Jesus can do!