May 21, 2020

We Are Rockin'!

Read on to see how God is still greatly at work at Whitewater Crossing, and how we are rockin' some things so well.

Our rockin' movie-themed parade!




Thanks Harbortown crew for providing a safe and exciting way to connect!



Rockin' new series!

Our new Sunday teaching series, Life According to Movies is rockin! The lessons of Dorothy and her companions in our first movie, The Wizard of Oz are helping many find their way back home. Member, Jim Eger emailed me some great observations this week after watching life according to Oz:

Hi, David:

I really enjoyed the Wizard of Oz sermon. Their needs and desire to reach the Emerald City made a great analogy for Christians with their needs and quest for heaven. It made me think of Christian in "The Pilgrim's Progress." He, too, was traveling to a heavenly city (the Celestial City). He also had some faithful companions for parts of the journey, as well as antagonists (like the monkeys and witches) who got in the way. Like Dorothy, he was successful in his trip too!

Check it out if you haven't watched yet!


We're rockin' it with our Online Campus ministry!

Our Online Campus - We are allocating extra attention, resources, and staff to make it excellent. Honestly, because of the coronavirus, we are now an Online Campus which happens to have a physical site, not a physical site that happens to have an Online Campus. This is a huge opportunity to reach more people than ever before. It has NEVER been easier to invite someone to check us out on local TV or through our website. Toward that end, we are pleased to announce that Conor Doyle will now be serving as our Online Campus Pastor along with his ongoing Defining Moments/Pastoral Care duties. Conor was teaching part-time at a sister church in Delhi and has transitioned out of that role.


Small groups are rockin'

I am hearing great stories of members connecting each week and I am elated. Many of our groups have a higher attendance now than pre-COVID. Get info on small groups.



Rockin' in our giving

Life Center and Food Pantry

Our giving to the Life Center and Food Pantry has brought help and hope to those in our community in this time of health and financial crisis. Donations through our recent Buy 1 Give 1: A Campaign of Hope have been a blessing.


Thanks to your generosity, we are doing well financially. We are just slightly behind in budgeted giving, but because of cutting expenses, we are in a very healthy place.




and finally...

HOPE is rockin'! It's not only a daily thing, it's our church mission statement, too. It's why we exist. Listen - Whitewater will never reopen because we've never been closed! Even though I greatly miss in-person gatherings, the truth is, we have never been rockin' some things so well. God is still greatly at work because Hope is still the best dope! Look for a special video message later this week from me to hear about our criteria and thinking relative to future in-person worship gatherings. It will help.

You are greatly loved. Keep rockin' Hope for Jesus!


P.S. Member, Jessica Johnson sent me a rockin' article you also might find helpful, especially if you grew up on the West side!


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