December 23, 2021

Top 10 Reasons!

Top 10 reasons you have to get someone to a Christmas Eve Service

#10 - Because NO ONE ever says the innkeeper was the hero of the Christmas story...he said there is "no room." Whitewater has provided PLENTY of room! We have four services to pick from!


#9 - Because we have awesome Christmas lights, trees, and coffee... (and no livestock).


#8 - Because JT and I will be doing a stunning duet rendition of "Baby It's Cold Outside." (This is NOT true!)


#7 - Because we will share Communion at each service to help us remember Jesus was born to die.


#6 - Because we will close out the services with candles (real ones!) and singing.


#5 - Because found people find other people! And we follow the pattern of Jesus in Luke 19:10 around here.


#4 - Because we will hear about the difference we can make in our community and we will collect an offering that will 100% be given away to meet the physical, financial, and emotional needs of hundreds!


#3 - Because this year at Whitewater we've seen more than 153 people give their lives to Christ and go All-In for Jesus. That is five times the national average for a church in America this past year!! And we don't believe He's done saving people this year!!!!


#2 - Because we believe it is going to be our BEST Christmas Eve service ever.


#1 - Because Christmas is a reminder that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with God (virgin birth), that HE is with us (His name is Immanuel) and we can Wait in Wonder for what's next!


What service are you attending and inviting someone to?



Christmas Week Services

Our Christmas Week services

  • December 23 at 6:30pm
  • December 24 at 12, 2, and 4pm

Remember, too, there will be no in-person services on Sunday, December 26. Watch online as you enjoy your family, some coffee, and newly opened presents!


David Vaughan

Senior Minister