September 25, 2020

The Changing Nature of Worship

Find out some of the why behind the what of worship these days, as we move forward in a unified way and focus back on the basics of loving God and our neighbor.

Things are evolving

If you've watched us online for the last few months or are now attending in person, you've noticed things are evolving. Laura and I sat down to discuss this recently as part of my Critical Conversations series. Please check it out as it will explain some of the why behind the what of worship these days.

If you watched or attended last Sunday, in particular, you also saw more diversity than ever on our stage/worship team. We praise God that the church down here is starting to look like the church up there, where people of all tribes and tongues worship the lamb!




Worship during the pandemic

Sadly, many in America have stopped attending worship services all together during the coronavirus pandemic. Check out this article. Are you one of these five? Not trying to poke the bear - asking for a friend.


Traffic Alert

If you are planning on coming to worship in person on October 4, and drive through Miamitown, check this out and plan accordingly so you won't be late for service!



and finally...

As I close, let me say, based on emails and calls I've been getting, it is a disorienting time for many of you. I can tell by the questions being asked, I need to do a better job communicating in this very unique time. I have failed in some ways. As such, I will be doing more Critical Conversation videos in coming weeks to address these questions, so please watch each one. Right now there is a vacuum of trust in our culture for anyone in leadership, even pastors. I hope this will help.

My desire right now is to get us all focused back on the basics of loving God and our neighbor as we move forward in a unified way to provide help and hope in Jesus. Even though I am tired (bet you are too!), I have never been more excited about our future and the church working right.

Someone said - "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." I would add to that - "And if you want to make God belly-laugh, tell him your plans in the middle of a pandemic!" Friend - I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Worship Him. He will never let you down.

See you Sunday online or on campus, as we stay on mission.



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