October 22, 2020

Still Friends?

David is checking in to see if you found an opportunity to love unconditionally someone with whom you disagree politically...

Talking Points

We launched our brand new teaching series Talking Points last weekend, and based on my emails, I don't think I made everybody mad yet. Ha. If you haven't seen the message yet, please watch it today. Definitely watch it before Sunday, as Jon Tisevich will be building on it with his message this weekend. How are you doing with thinking differently this week? Are you looking for an opportunity to love unconditionally someone with whom you disagree politically? Are you protecting and preserving unity right now?


Church and COVID

Over the last nine months, when the world pressed pause, the church hit play. We've been busy! In the COVID craziness of our world, the church has discovered new and exciting ways to get people virtually (and physically) into our front door. We've done that through the Daily Doses of Hope, our Church Online Campus, and Live Chat and Prayer. The coronavirus has been a disrupter in hundreds of ways, and it has forced us to ask what we should continue, cancel and create as a church to preserve our timeless mission of helping people find hope in Jesus and a home in His church. I talked about this more in my most recent Critical Conversation. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here.

We also have been serving people in a season of shortage through our food pantry, mobile food pantry, backpack club, and other ministry partners.




Exciting news!

We are excited to formally send out one of Whitewater's own, Jon Briscoe's family, for a brave mission to reach Muslims in the Middle East. After a ton of preparation by them, the time has come and we will do that as part of our services on Sunday, November 8. We want to send them off well as Solve7 Global partners. Following each worship service, we will have a COVID-friendly reception area, with an opportunity for you to bring cards of encouragement & cash! (Checks can be made out to WCCC, and we will give to them.)

In many ways, we are all missionaries being commissioned to bring hope in our local communities and around the world. Some are formally sent to do it full-time in other countries, and others are missionaries cleverly disguised as school teachers, Wal-Mart greeters and business leaders. Lean into your mission field this week!



and finally...

You can start leaning into your mission field this Halloween as you Light Up The Night. A good friend sent me this photo as he walked his neighborhood. I thought all you Buckeye fans might enjoy it!


See you online or on campus this Sunday, as we stay on mission. Keep thinking, talking, praying, and loving your neighbor as yourself.



Dose of Hope

Don't forget about the Dose of Hope on Facebook or YouTube, Wednesdays at 7pm!


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