October 16, 2020

Slowly, but Surely!

Read about how David is leading us slowly, but surely, into what God has in store for us.

Slow can be good sometimes

One of my mentors counseled me some time back and said, "Never rearrange the furniture in the room of a disoriented person." Good advice. Because many are disoriented, distracted, and discouraged right now in our country, culture, and church, slow is better right now.

We are slowly, but surely, trying to pivot to a new coronavirus reality as we accomplish our timeless mission. One more layer was added last Sunday to our in-person gatherings as our Harbortown Kids ministry started meeting on campus again. Congratulations to our entire Harbortown staff and wonderful team of volunteers. It's not easy to manage all of the complexities of a COVID-friendly reopening, but they did really well from my view. Chris Boue and I even got a chance to volunteer in the three-year-old department at the 9am service. Watch online or in-person this Sunday, and I'll tell you more about that. It was a blast! Since I have to teach, I cannot serve there again this Sunday. Can you? There are dozens of other ministry areas that need willing volunteers to step up right now, too. Check them out here!


Staff news

Terri Beth Faust recently shared with us that she wants to retire (again) from our staff as Life Center Manager. Terri Beth served for years in multiple roles on our staff and retired, but then stepped in for a few years to manage this vital role at a critical time. Her heart and leadership in our church is legendary, and I cannot express enough how blessed we have been to have her on staff and how thankful I have been to have her as a partner in ministry. I am glad she will still be engaged in our church family cheering us on. Terri Beth's official last day will be October 24. We have begun the process of interviewing people for the Life Center position. Here is a note Terri Beth sent that I want to share:

Little did I know when I stepped into the role of Interim Life Center Manager (almost two years ago) how much I would fall in love with the neighbors who come seeking a hand up in a season of need and a volunteer staff who love others so passionately. I've learned so much about people, systems, and even myself.

Now we are ready for the "next" of what God has in store for our community, so He might reveal himself and be known to all. As I transition off staff this month, I'm so eager to see the depth and breath of how we continue to love and resource our neighbors. Whitewater Crossing has a rich history of benevolent love that I am humbled to have been and will continue to be part of!

Faithful to live, love, and serve!

Terri Beth


Good neighbor news

If you've been following our 'Won't You be My Neighbor' sermon series, you've been challenged to go out of your comfort zone (slowly, but surely) and be a good neighbor. How are you doing with that? Carolyn Lieb (who was married to a great preacher named Russell, who passed away) wrote a letter to Jon T and me and shared about what she and her grandson, Brandon decided to do. They are modeling the concept of neighboring, and I'm proud.


For more steps on being a good neighbor, please check out the book, The Mr. Rogers Effect by Dr. Anita Knight Kuhnley. It is packed full of neighboring wisdom. And with Halloween coming up, utilize those glow sticks and participate in the Light Up The Night initiative.



and finally...

Even though our neighboring series is finished, the work is just beginning - especially right now in this politicized and polarized climate. Hence our newest series that launches this weekend called Talking Points. This subject has been churning and brewing in me for some time now, and I can't wait to share it. It obviously has the potential to be highly charged with emotion, so pray for me to deliver it with truth and grace. I firmly believe it is the message Jesus wants me to bring (and you to hear).

See you Sunday as I lead us slowly, but surely, into what God has in store for us.



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