August 26, 2021

Our Father | The Direct - Aug 26, 2021

Find out how to pray using The Lord's Prayer and how there is power in prayer.

Have you been praying the Lord's Prayer each day this week?

I walked us through how to use the Model Prayer in my message last Sunday. Our Father can't wait for us to talk with Him. Let me know how your prayer journey is going. One of our great members shared this in an email to me...

Breaking down the Lord's Prayer, there's just so much there... you brought back a lot of old memories for me. You know I was raised Catholic, went to a Catholic grade school through the 8th grade and very happy I did. They certainly taught me a lot about respect for elders, discipline and a Christian foundation. However, I certainly recited so many prayers and responses in church and never paid any attention to what we were saying. I don't remember them ever trying to teach us what they meant just how to recite them. Maybe they did, it wouldn't have been unlike me to not be paying attention! But great message, and Nic singing that song at the end with the Lord's Prayer in it was so cool.


Power in Prayer

In addition to adding more prayer to your day-to-day life, we want to give you an opportunity to experience prayer in multiple ways through this series. One of these ways is our Extensions: Prayer Experience on Sunday, September 12 at 4pm on campus. This will be an opportunity for all ages and stages to come on-site and experience prayer in multiple ways with different focuses and methods so we can continue to develop a healthy relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Prayer is also available for you in three additional ways:

  1. Call (513) 738-7500 to sign up for an individual time of prayer with our Prayer Team during Life Center hours: Tuesday or Thursday, 5-7pm or Saturday, 9am-noon.
  2. Click this link to let us know your needs for prayer right now. Our staff and leaders pray for requests during the week.
  3. We also have Prayer Team members available at the end of every Whitewater Crossing service on the weekends to pray with you.

Jesus wanted His house to be a "House of Prayer" and we are leaning into that more than ever with our "Thoughts and Prayers" series. And boy is it needed right now!


Covid Clip

As promised, here is the clip of a pastor sharing his thoughts and feelings on this whole COVID mess.


Covid Challenges

We have a big one that I could really use your help with right now. I spent a few minutes this week talking with our wonderful Harbortown KIDS' staff and they shared they are working hard to find volunteers to provide excellent ministry on Sunday mornings these days. Brothers and sisters, this should not be. Either hour 9am or 11am would be helpful, but they have double the kids at 11am. Would you consider worshipping at one service and serving at another for a season? Our littles need and deserve our best. Sign up here.


In closing...

JT is up this Sunday with the next message and phrase in The Lord's Prayer - "Give us this day our daily bread." I can't wait to hear it. Come prayed up, ready to receive a message from The Lord and The Word. Oh, and I hear we have some more folks who want to go All-In this weekend, too. God is on the move, because the prayers are going UP, the power is coming DOWN, and His people are going OUT!

For His Kingdom, power, and glory.