June 26, 2019

My God Story on Giving

Alexandra Bongiorno's story of giving

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Pastor David - Thank you for taking the time to hear my God story on giving after today’s sermon. I truly enjoy your preaching and love that this week God had already given me a scripture several times that you used in today’s sermon.

As I mentioned to you, 2 years ago, the daughter of a woman in my bible study was killed in a car accident. When I found out, God very quickly laid it on my heart to give her $2,000 to help with funeral expenses or whatever she might need it for to help with any financial burden. This is a lot of money by anyone’s standards, but the fact that I was a single mom that hadn’t worked in a year and a half, I could have easily justified that I couldn’t afford to do something like this at this time in my life, but I knew this was what God wanted me to do, so I did it. I texted her on June 3rd 2017 that I had $2000 for her.

A few weeks ago, a woman who I had recently met, told me that God had told her something that she needed to tell me, but she wasn’t sure of the timing so she needed to wait. A few days later she let me know that the time was right and said that God had put it on her heart to give me a certain amount of money. She then said that amount was $2,000. The day she told me that and gave me the check was June 3, 2019. God returned the exact amount of $2,000 dollars to me the exact day I had given it 2 years earlier.

The woman who gave me the money had no knowledge of the money I had handed over 2 years ago and was simply obeying God's prompting. When I told her, she was amazed and overwhelmed by God's timing and faithfulness.

I wanted to share this with you because it’s a beautiful example of God's faithfulness, sovereignty and goodness in our lives and also a pretty cool example of how you can never out give God.

Giving can be such a tough thing even when you have plenty, but it can become even more challenging when you are in a period of uncertainty or lack, but it’s in those moments that faith and trust in God’s ability to bless and show you His ability to provide can truly shine.

I’ve attached the text that I sent giving the $2000 and the check that I was given 2 years later below.

Alexandra Bongiorno