December 11, 2020

Hope is Rising

Read on to see how we are Sparkling personally, showing the power of you being the church, and during our Christmas Week services.

We are Sparkling!


Diana shared the following email with us:

David, I want to take this opportunity to share my Sparkle story with you. After watching the service online, I spoke with my daughter about our annual Christmas exchange. I felt led to suggest instead of exchanging gifts we donate to the church. She wholeheartedly agreed. So we have donated to the Toy Store and Food Pantry. I also have a daughter who lives in Austin, Texas. She and her family attend Austin Ridge Community Church at Bee Cave. Her daughter, Olivia, was diagnosed with a brain tumor on her pituitary gland when she was eight years old. She has fully recovered and is now going to college at San Angelo State University. We selected the Make-A-Wish Foundation as my Sparkle recipient.

I started attending Whitewater shortly before the pandemic, but have mainly watched online. Also, I am currently undergoing four eye surgeries. I have one down and three more to go. Yay! Seriously, I love Whitewater (have a T-shirt to prove it), and I can't wait to get back into the building.

In Christ,


Thousands continue to watch online, and we are grateful. We've sent out over 25 Sparkle Box books that have been requested from our online congregation. If you watch online or on TV, keep watching and connecting with us! And keep sparkling for Jesus. James Gray shared that one of our members (Lisa) is a nurse and has been handing out hygiene bags and food bags for the homeless who come in from the cold to their hospital lobby. May her tribe increase!

The Sparkling series has once again shown the power of you being the church. It's what we've been preaching for some time now! It's the church truly working right!


Staff Updates

I announced several new staff additions last week and the feedback has been so positive. Thank you! One of them, Nic Gonzales, will be here this coming weekend. Welcome him when you see him.

Joe Porter, on our Communications Staff Team recently made a short video presentation of all the Whitewater staff. For those of you who are interested in the various staff positions and what their jobs involve, this will help - especially since we've had several staff changes and additions over the past few months. It will also help you know who to go to for a specific question. You'll also see how blessed we are to have the gifted staff we do!


Christmas Week

We are making plans for this Christmas to be special. We'll be hosting four services during Christmas week:

  • 6:30pm on Wednesday, December 23 (eve of Christmas Eve)
  • Noon, 2pm, and 4pm on Thursday, December 24 (Christmas Eve)

We will also continue our practice of collecting a Christmas offering at all Christmas week services. 100% of that offering will be allocated outside our walls for the sole purpose of bringing Help and Hope to people. We will be investing in the Life Center Resource Fund and three faithful strategic partners - Wheels, Thrive Point Counseling, and BLOC ministries. Like the wise men, prepare to bring your best gift.


and lastly...

Note, we will NOT be hosting an indoor service on campus on Sunday, December 27. Jon T and I will be sharing a special message online that morning though.

Speaking of Jon Tisevich, he is quarantining and resting at home as he is displaying multiple symptoms of COVID. Two nights ago, he was having difficulty breathing, so he reached out to one of our elders, Kurt Knochel, who is also an excellent ER doctor. Kurt suggested he get checked out at the hospital, which Jon did. It is likely COVID, test results will confirm in the next few days. Until then, Jon, his family, and our team are operating under the recommendations and guidance of Kurt's medical advice and COVID guidelines and precautions. Jon is still experiencing difficulty breathing, so please pray for him and his family as they recover, as well as all the others affected greatly by COVID in our church family and community.

Love you guys. Pray for us.



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