January 13, 2022

Fresh Bread

Bread for nourishment

Did you hear about the couple stranded by winter weather on Interstate 95 in Virginia last week who made a desperate call after spotting a bread truck ahead of them? Very cool story.

Among those stranded on I-95 overnight were Casey and her husband, John. The couple told The Washington Post that after more than 16 hours stuck on the highway, they spotted a Schmidt Baking Company truck ahead of them in the standstill near Quantico, Virginia. Casey called the company out of sheer desperation to see if they would think about sharing some of their bread.

"We were tired, frustrated, and hungry. Many of the people stuck out here had small children, were elderly, had pets in the car, and hadn't eaten in almost a whole day." The couple didn't really think their call would work, but less than 20 minutes later, they were talking to one of the owners of H&S Bakery, which operates Schmidt Baking Company. He told them to talk to the truck driver and start giving out bread to those in need.

So Casey, her husband, and the truck driver started passing out bread, and others nearby joined in. For an hour, they walked down the icy highway, delivering bread to more than 50 cars. "It felt incredible," she said... hearing people just so relieved to finally have food in their car, their system, and in their kids' system."

She called the owner's gesture "one of the kindest moments I have ever witnessed. It is just so incredible that someone chose humanity over profit, especially in a situation where people were so desperate, the company definitely could have made a profit off the bread, but instead chose to help the people around them. It was something I will always remember," Casey said.


Spiritual bread

Whitewater...there is an even greater famine for spiritual bread right now on the highways and byways of life. People need to get that bread in their systems! And YOU can help distribute spiritual bread in this brand new year by giving, serving, and inviting everyone you know to simply read the Bible. Check out last week's message on this topic!


Bread for you

Get some heavenly bread in your own body, too! I have challenged everyone to read one chapter of the Gospel of Luke for the next 24 days. How are you doing with that? (Today, I am on Day 3.)

This is all part of Invited's (our current teaching series) emphasis as we unpack our church's Core Values so you can RSVP at the end of the series.


Moving for Jesus

We love it when members move to missionaries on the move for Jesus. Ron Powell saw a need and acted on it in the name of Jesus. He sent me his story and here are a few pics from their convoy.





They had 19 trucks and trailers from around the state! Way to go Ron and crew. May your tribe increase!


Movement for you?

Maybe you have been attending for a while at WCCC and need to take some intentional steps of movement yourself. Whitewater Connect is the perfect next step for you! Our next Connect meeting is February 13 at 10:15am. You can sign-up for the class by clicking here.


Are you interested?

Perhaps you would even like to work professionally at Whitewater Crossing. Pat MacDonald, our current Facility Director, will be transitioning off our staff sometime in the first quarter of this year and we are now accepting applications for the Facility Director position.

Let me say how much I appreciate Pat (and his wife, Sharon) and all he has done for our church family. Pat has laid a strong and stable foundation (literally!) with our multi-million dollar campus. His expertise, love, and attention to detail have saved us thousands of dollars and have enabled thousands to find help, hope, and a home in Jesus in an excellent sacred space. Thank you, Pat.


In closing...

I hope to see you this weekend for worship. (JT will actually be teaching on what it looks like to worship!) If you come in-person, I'll be looking for you and smiling behind a mask just to be safe. Because of the elevated COVID numbers, many have pivoted to our online community. No problem - we'll see you there! Let's pray for everyone affected by this diabolical virus. It's strong, but it's not stronger than our God! Claim that today as you stay connected to His Word.



Happening at Whitewater in January

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David Vaughan

Senior Minister