August 21, 2020

Exciting News About Outdoor & Indoor Services

The exciting news is that we will be outside again for the next few weeks, but then...

We will be outside again for the next few weeks, but then... Well, watch this and you'll know more.

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Here's a recap of the info from the video:  

This Sunday, August 23rd: We'll have an Outdoor service at 10a. Shaved Ice truck, grilled hot dogs/mets/chips offered after service. We also will have a service project/service opportunity as a part of our outdoor worship experience this Sunday as we will pack around 3,000 teacher treat bags. This will not be a labor intensive project! We will be packing treat bags that will bless Southwest Local, Three Rivers, and Bridgetown Middle School teachers. Bring a friend, bring your family and let's show our love and support! Serving is important for a church right now too.

Sunday, August 30th: Outdoor service at 10a in LAWRENCEBURG as the amphitheater/park there. Several strategic reasons we want to go there, but the church will leave the building/property here and gather there to worship and reach others.  

Sunday, September 6th: Our plan is to gather INDOOR for service again at 10a at the Cleves campus. A soft opening on a holiday weekend using masks and social distancing protocols. We will pre-register people to meet guidelines, so make sure you pre-register. (No Harbortown/Youth on this weekend.)  

September 13th - 27th: Indoor services continue and Harbortown will slowly restart/return with specific times and number of worship services determined by registration/need, etc. If you're not quite ready to worship in person, inside, no worries! Stay connected to our online campus which will continue to be excellent and creative. That's because whether online or on campus, we are still on mission.

So remember this week - coronavirus is an opportunity to get better. Don't blame it, use it to thrive.


Some inspiration

Kelli emailed with a great illustration/application from my message last Sunday on the blessing of pain.

Hello David,

Your message today about pain and problems reminded me of a little activity that a motivational speaker used once at a seminar that I was attending. It goes something like this:

He gave everyone in attendance three small pieces of paper. He then asked everyone to write their three biggest problems on their pieces of paper. (One problem on each piece). Then he asked the audience if we could easily get rid of these 3 problems by crumbling the papers and throwing them on stage, would we do it? Obviously, the answer was a resounding YES! Then he informed us that anyone who wanted to participate could walk their three problems up to the stage. However, it wasn't going to be THAT easy! Before we returned to our seats, we had to pick up three pieces of paper that didn't belong to us. Therefore, getting rid of our three problems, but taking on three problems of someone else. Suddenly, our own problems didn't seem so scary. No one knew what other pains/problems they would take on by choosing someone else's papers!

It was quite eye-opening to everyone there. Even though we all have pains or problems that we would love to get rid of, we certainly don't want to take on any other problems that could be worse than the ones we are dealing with at the moment. (Not one person walked up to the stage to trade their problems!)

Perspective on problems is always good, huh!? This weekend the message is on how we tend to blame our family pain and problems on COVID. Jon T is up, and I can't wait to hear the message!


P.S. Join us Sunday for Outdoor Worship at 10am. Register here! Or watch online at 10:15am.


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