September 09, 2021

A House of Prayer | The Direct - Sept 9, 2021

Living out our Thoughts & Prayers series

Living out the Thoughts & Prayers series

I am loving and living out our current message series on prayer. Hope you are dealing (and using) that deck of prayer cards each day! I am teaching the final segment of our Thoughts & Prayers series this week and Whitewater will truly be "a house of prayer" all day Sunday. From the morning message to the afternoon Prayer Experience to a special Student Ministries' prayer event Sunday evening! And Harbortown KIDS will be launching a new series soon on prayer for the kiddos. Parents - model the model prayer for our precious children!

Here are two great blogs on prayer by two pastoral heroes of mine for you to check out as well:

Bob Russell - What the Bible Teaches About Prayer

Pastor Rick - God Wants Your Emotional Prayers


Freedom isn't free

We also want to pray for our country this weekend. I remember well where I was 20 years ago on 9/11. We have lots of problems in our country, but what a gift to live in America and have the freedoms we have! There is no other country in the world in which I would want to be a citizen. We should be thankful.

One of our members, Ron Powell recently built a memorial on his business property on SR 46 in Sunman for the 13 young men and women who lost their lives in Afghanistan.




There is also a prayer memorial for Kelsee, the young marine from Dearborn Co. who suffered severe injuries. (She is now at Walter Reid undergoing surgery and treatments.) Freedom is not free, friends. It always costs us something. Let's make sure our "Thoughts & Prayers" this weekend also include those who make it possible for us to worship without concern or persecution.

See you this Sunday. I have a story to share about a "bucket list" experience I enjoyed!



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