Does Jesus know your name?

(          )


We believe he does, and we're staking everything on it.

That we are known & loved.

That our road leads home to the true Father.

Back to God.

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Is something stirring inside you?

We'd love nothing more (literally) than to journey with you and to learn your story.

We're ready to step into the waters with you and express together the joy of renewed life in God.

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Let's send up the signal flare.

Come on home.

Ready For Baptism?

Whether you're an adult, a student, or a kid - baptism is your call. Your decision. No one else can make that choice for you. It has to be yours.

Inside of you.

We baptize one another to reveal the stirring. The rebirth inside.

Baptism is that signal flare.  

So if you have questions, if you just want to talk to someone - or if you're ready to express the hope and joy of new life through baptism,  just let us know by clicking through to one of our team members below!

KIDS (Under 12YRS)

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ADULTS (18+)
Email Russ Howard:

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