Whitewater App

Your one stop for all things Whitewater. 

Discover ways to grow spiritually through Bible tools, inspiring messages, generous giving and practical next steps. 


If you get stuck, don't hesitate to reach out for help.

As the church has grown, the need to create custom tools has grown. We want to be able to fully meet the needs of our growing community without the limitations of an "out of the box" app like our previous app. Bonus? We are saving money every month by moving to our custom-built app!

You can more easily manage your Whitewater profile including groups, giving, and your serving teams. You will use the same login you currently use for the website!

We've built the calendar from the ground up so it is easier to browse and get engaged. 

The Watch and Read hub is totally binge-worthy now. Watch stories, get inspired through music, listen to sermons, and read helpful articles!

As soon as you have downloaded the new app, you can simply delete the old app. Feel free to keep it around in case there are bugs or features not working on the new app while we work out any kinks. Thanks for your patience! The current plan is to remove the old app from app stores in April 2021.