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Equipping Ministry

Our Equipping ministry is all about helping people get connected through a serving team at Whitewater and helping them develop there skills and abilities for God's purpose. Some opportunities to serve in this ministry are:

  • Call to connect people to Serving opportunities
  • Database integrity
  • Process updates our "Find My Fit" Form
  • Leadership training development 

If you think our Communication Ministry might be a good fit for you, click the "Connect" button to fill out or connect form and someone will be in touch in the next 2-3 days.

Opportunity Details:

Interests: Choose 1 or more: Administration, Communication, Computer/IT, Customer Service, Data, Event Planning, Leadership, Organization, Recruiting, Research, Volunteering
Days you are available: Sunday, Weekday, Weeknight, Flexible
Your Age: High School, 18+, 21+
Ministry Team: Equipping
How often can you serve?: 1 hour a month, 2-3 hours a month, 1 hour a week, 2-3 hours a week