Direct from David: Who are you, really?

I got lots of feedback on my hats from last Sunday.

The message was not really about hats, but identity. Who do you really see when you look in the mirror? Got an email Sunday night from a great member named Bill with this picture:

He said, ‘Satan can beat us down and I need to continually remind myself of what and who God tells me I am… I have typically been one to have quotes and pics around to remind our family of who we are in Christ. Our mirror now reminds us.’

I shared the story of my death row friend, Ray Tibbetts to close out my Sunday message. I received a note from him Tuesday thanking us for praying for him!

Great thoughts from Ray. He is not really a prisoner – Ray is an Ambassador. Are you? 

Tis the Lent season on the Westside, and many of us who have Catholic roots have meaningful traditions that have helped us over the years. Those practices are often good, but only if they help us. Sometimes though, those traditions become rules and not tools. Why not lean into that same tradition with a new application? Use Lent to give up something like social media or watching too much TV and instead spend that time to ‘Read it, Hear it, or Discuss it’ and become more LIKE JESUS. Here is artist Scott Erickson’s Stations in the Street initiative. Very cool stuff.

Who are you really? I propose that if you’re a New Testament follower on the Westside of Cincy, you are not Catholic or Protestant. Your identity is in Christ and you can just call yourself a Christian. What a novel concept. During Lent, you can simply say – ‘I am not the only Christian, but I am a Christian only.’ Email me back with any ideas that have helped you during this special Lent season leading up to the greatest event in human history – Easter and the Resurrection of Christ. Easter is for everyone you know!

Michael Jr. is for everyone too, as well as the rapidly approaching Night of Worship on Sunday night, March 18.

And if you know a junior or senior high school girl who could use some BeDazzle to make her prom dreams come true, send her our way! March 10 is the planned date to provide the glitz and glamour many girls need to attend their high school prom. Details on serving at this fantastic event can be found online. Just one more great opportunity to be a part of the SOLVE7 movement and help our precious teen girls discover who they really are – valuable, unique, and greatly loved.

Who are you, really? See you Sunday.

P.S. By now you must have heard about the passing of Billy Graham. Talk about a guy who knew who he was in Christ! What an example of being an ambassador for God. Christianity Today shared multiple stories about Billy and his life.  We remember and celebrate his promotion yesterday. The king of preachers has met the King of Kings.