What’s Your Attitude?

Christian author Max Lucado says our attitude about this world here on earth is similar to a passenger on a plane. When the plane lands you never hear anyone say, “Do we have to get off? Can I just stay here and eat some more pretzels and peanuts and stay in this cramped seat?” As soon as the plane lands, everybody’s anxious to get off. The plane ride is a temporary, necessary, sometimes enjoyable, sometimes uncomfortable experience, but it’s taking us to a destination. Christians are to have that kind of attitude toward our journey in this world. We should enjoy it and make the most of this, but this is not where we belong.

What a great image and metaphor to keep in mind as you fly through this holiday season, finish one year and begin another. You were made for a different place (heaven) and a different person (Jesus).

I hope you are planning on coming to one of our fantastic Christmas Eve services and I encourage you to do your best inviting. Plan to come early or stay after one of the morning services to take advantage of our special Christmas Eve building tours. On the tour, you’ll be among the first to see a newly redesigned Great Room, which will serve as a sensory-friendly worship space beginning in January (Room W109 located just off the main worship center). The entire service will be shown in there on a large screen without any additional lighting or haze. Communion will also be served there as part of the service.

Like the Wise Men, plan to bring your best gift to the service. Maybe you need to ‘catch up’ on your giving for 2017. I’ve noticed that people do some of their best giving in the month of December! Beyond being motivated to give because of the majestic gift of Jesus, there are several reasons for that:

  • Taxes. People sometimes wait until the end of the year because they are reminded that gifts given at this time of year can be claimed as deductions for their income tax.
  • Businesses. Many business owners wait until the end of the year to observe how their businesses performed financially so they can plan their giving in a way that minimizes personal and corporate taxes.
  • Procrastination. In some cases people can just sometimes be lax, and one of my jobs as a pastor is to gently prod and encourage the sheep to give!

To assist you with year-end giving, you can download the Whitewater app, and even sign up for recurring giving. Our goal is to double the number of E-givers investing in the mission by the end of the year and dozens have done that in the last couple weeks. Way to go Whitewater!

With all the sexual abuse accusations and scandals breaking the news and our hearts, this Sunday’s message couldn’t be more practical and timely. I’ll be posing and answering our last Pretty Good Question from the book of 1 Peter, ‘How Do We Treat Each Other’ inside the church and out. See you then. Seems like Abraham Lincoln’s proclamation can lay the groundwork (thanks Phil Cooke).

So grateful for you.


P.S. I am also thankful that our long-awaited new electronic sign might finally be up next week. That is what I asked Santa for this Christmas!