What a ride!!

2018 will be a ride like no other at Whitewater as we become Like Jesus.

We’ll learn how to Think, Act, and Be like Him. Randy Frazee kicked us off with an outstanding message last Sunday.

Three tools will help you become more Like Jesus:

1. Read it. Did you get your book last Sunday?

If not, more will be available this coming Sunday. Here is the reading plan. We start soon!

2. Hear it. Make a commitment to be here every Sunday possible in 2018 to hear a message that goes along with your weekly reading. This Sunday we will give you some insider secrets, so don’t miss – no matter what the weather or amount of snow! Bring a friend, and find out what these guys have to do with my message.

3. Discuss it. Much more about this Sunday as we talk about the best way to connect and discuss what you are learning in intentional spiritual community. Micah Odor is lining up a terrific event called GroupLink on Sunday, January 21 at 6pm. We’ll be starting new groups and giving you a chance to connect with existing ones. If you come to GroupLink, you will be part of a group when you leave. Discussing in smaller groups will help us continue to be about relationship, not just religion. It’s more than a church tagline – it’s who we are.

I’ve noticed that nobody randomly or casually grows. Hoping is not a strategy. You must have a specific and proactive plan. Shawn Lovejoy said it well:
Growth is not automatic. Growth is always intentional. Why aren’t most people growing? They don’t have a plan for growth. They are not being intentional about it. Growth comes in asking and answering questions like:

  • Where do I want to go?
  • Who do I want to become?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What do I need to be doing to get there?
  • How will I know if I’m getting there? 
  • Who can I ask to hold me accountable?

Reading, attending, and discussing is a great strategy to help you be Like Jesus. Lean into those this year.

I’m still hearing wonderful ripples and stories of how people of all ages were blessed by our Haiti Food Pack event. Let’s continue to Solve 7 – that’s really Like Jesus!

Ever wonder where your giving goes and whether it is making a difference in the world? Read the note we got in a Christmas card from Salonique, one of our partner missionaries in Haiti:

Dear Brothers and Sisters at WCCC, Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! What a blessing it is to have you as partners. You have drastically changed Haiti for the best. You have handed to Haiti a well-trained minister through Luke. You have graciously engaged in educating many people, children, teenagers, young adults and adults. You have even provided the very faculty to provide education to some. You have engaged in feeding and providing medical care besides preaching and teaching Christ. You have engaged in church planting. So there is not one aspect of Living Water Ministries you are not somehow involved in. For all those involvement and more THANK YOU! Thanks for your financial supports.”

We also got word last week that the money we wired to Sri Lanka to fund the completion of a building for Lanka Faith Mission was received and ready to be used!

Nothing like the church when it’s working right – especially when it is becoming Like Jesus!

See you Sunday.