Direct from David: The ‘Why’

If you were not here last Sunday, I have a heartfelt request – Would you please watch the message I shared last Sunday? Really – I mean watch it right now.

It contains a message I have been moved by God to bring and I want you to know the ‘WHY.’ Because when people lose their ‘Why,’ they lose their way.

The ‘Why’ is why Jesus came and the ‘Why’ is why we’re here. To reach the lost.

What are you going to do about the ‘Why’ this week? Here are some ideas:

  • Write out an impact list of 3-5 people in your relational orbit who you can impact with the good news of Jesus. People you know, people you USED to know, people you WANT to know. Get their name and begin praying for them regularly. Imagine thousands of us having spiritual conversations with un-found people.
  • Maybe print out your own ‘Why’ sign to remind you.

  • Read some texts that talk about this. Here are just a few that have impacted me:

Links to purchase these texts are provided through Amazon.com for your convenience:

One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven – Cahill
Irriesistible Evangelism – Sjogren, Ping, Pollock
Just Walk Across the Room – Hybels
The Master Plan of Evangelism – Coleman


  • Here are some articles that will raise your ‘Why’ temperature:
    1. Sharing Faith is Increasingly Optional to Christians – Barna.com
    2. 9 Reasons Christians Don’t Evangelize – ChuckLawless.com
    3. 5 Keys to Having Meaningful, Life-Giving Conversations with Non-Christians – Carey Nieuwhof

Patrick Morley in his book The Man in the Mirror tells a heart-wrenching story about an ill-fated Alaskan fishing trip. A group of fishermen had landed in a secluded bay in Alaska and had a great day sifting for salmon. But when they got back to their seaplane, they were surprised to discover that it had run aground because of the fluctuating tide.

They tried to take off but could not get far or airborne because one of the pontoons had punctured and filled up with water. The seaplane slowly began to sink. There were three men and the 12-year-old son, Mark, of one of the three. They prayed and then they jumped into the icy cold waters to swim to shore.

The water was so cold and the riptide so strong, that the two men reached the shore exhausted, but they looked back and their companion who was also a strong swimmer, did not swim to the shore because the 12-year-old son wasn’t strong enough to make it.

The last thing they saw was that father with his arms around his son being swept out to sea. He chose to die with his son, rather than to live without him. That’s the love of a father here and there. A father that cannot imagine life without his child – you. The Bible says that ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends…’

I plead with you Whitewater – don’t ever lose the ‘WHY.’

See you this Sunday as I help launch a brand new summer series called Serving Jesus = Serving People. It will be one of those series that we refer back to regularly as part of our church culture. Nic Gonzales will be here to lead worship and I understand his wife Jaci Velasquez will be joining him!

See you then. Because of the ‘Why.’

P.S. There is no assigned reading in your Like Jesus book till later in August. If you want to prepare for Sunday, read Matthew chapter 25. You’ll be ready!