Succession 2022

Contribue to the Legacy Offering

What is the Vaughan Family Legacy Offering*? David and Donna’s long-term commitment to and impact at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church created a legacy that’s worth celebrating! We want to honor their legacy by showering them with a generous financial gift that will help them transition during this next stage of life.

  What exactly will the money be used for? All monies received from this offering will go to offset the Vaughan’s ministry expenses and will also cover the cost for David to continue part-time on the Whitewater staff, which will include occasional preaching and weekly coaching of JT and other leaders. Depending on the amount of the offering, some monies might also be allocated to the Vaughan’s future coaching ministry of pastors/pastor's wives across the country. 

 Will all of the money be given to David and Donna Vaughan? Yes, all funds received will be utilized and allocated to David and Donna and the aforementioned ministry expenses. 

 Can I give online? Yes, you can give through checks, online, or in the blue boxes any weekend. Just make sure you designate it to the Vaughan Family Legacy Offering. 

 How long do I have to give my offering? We will start receiving offerings on June 1st, 2022 but if you need extra time to give, you can certainly do so. If you request extra time, it would be helpful for us to know what you plan to give (and when) so we can plan accordingly.  

 Will David and Donna be aware of what I give? Although they will be made aware of who gave, specific amounts will not be shared.

 Is my gift tax-deductible? Absolutely! The offering is being collected and dispersed under the direction of Jess Adkins (Executive Pastor) and Beth Maxey (Finance Director) at Whitewater Crossing. Contributions to the Legacy Offering will be reflected on your annual giving statement. 

 Can I specify how I want my gift to be distributed? Unfortunately, specifying how you want your contribution to be allocated violates several IRS tax guidelines. Rest assured that your generous contribution will be used for the aforementioned expenses. 

 *Although this offering is meant to bless the Vaughan’s, they ask that anything contributed be “above and beyond” what you are already giving to Whitewater, so the General Fund is not adversely affected.   

Thank you David and Donna Vaughan for your 20 years of service and ministry here at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church! We celebrate your call from God to serve this church as our pastor, and are so excited to usher in a new era of Leadership with Jon Tisevich and his wife Kelly! 

“Outstanding leaders pass the torch with fire blazing. Mediocre leaders pass a dimly lit torch. Poor leaders drop the torch, making it difficult if not impossible to pick up again.” - Reed Markham, American Educator

The Whitewater elders are pleased to announce they have unanimously approved the calling and hiring of Jon Tisevich as the next Senior Minister of Whitewater Crossing and successor to David Vaughan. This announcement comes on the heels of an eighteen-month period of Jon serving as the Senior Associate Minister after he was announced in Jan 2020 as David's potential successor. Jon will formally assume this position on August 1, 2022.

Whitewater Family, 

On behalf of the Elders and the Vaughan and Tisevich families, we are so thankful for all the support you’ve demonstrated through our entire two year succession process. It has been an unprecedented and exciting time. As we enter the final few months of David’s role as Whitewater’s Senior Minister, and as we prepare for Jon’s leadership, we are asking you to save two key dates on your calendars for two very important Succession events. 


                When: Saturday, June 18th, 2022

                Where: Cleves Campus

                Details: TBA

2.) FORMAL SERVICE OF SUCCESSION (To honor the Vaughan’s ministry and officially install Jon Tisevich as new Senior Minister)   

                When: Sunday, June 19th, 2022

                Where: Cleves Campus

                Details: TBA

Further details will be communicated, but we just couldn’t wait to share these with you. Please mark these events in your calendars and plan to celebrate with us! In the meantime, please continue to pray for a continued smooth transition that glorifies God, strengthens His church here at WCCC, and blesses the Vaughan and Tisevich families. 

Ted Mensing,

Elder Chair

Here is a great video to watch by a friend of Pastor David Vaughan who went through a very positive succession in Louisville, Kentucky at another large Christian Church. His name is Pastor Dave Stone and David Vaughan was in Bible College with him. In this 30 minute sermon to another church in Canada going through succession, some timeless principles are heard and learned. Just substitute David Vaughan and Jon Tisevich for the names he gives!  Click the button below: